Friday, April 4, 2008

Adventures in Craigslist housing ads. Part Five: More dogs and butter.

From the same person who brought us the last Craigslist Adventure, a recently updated housing ad, one which may or may not clarify the previous ad:
My dogs and I wont butter you.
Good to know.


S. E. Ward said...

Is it wrong that I read that as, "My dogs and I are wont to butter you?"

orogeny said...

Ah! That makes sense.

And is all kinds of funny and terrifying.

Travis Erwin said...

But they might still toast you.

Adaora A. said...

It all comes togeher madam, it all comes together.

Georgiana said...

Wait, last time this person only had one dog.

"Have one dog, no butter people."

There is some sort of pod dog/butter people thing going on here that I don't quite understand.

My advice is to continue to stay far, far away.

Andrew Carmichael said...

That's a good point, georgina. Did this person recently get a new dog? How can they be sure about this dog's buttering preferences?

Larry said...

Look on the bright side: the person can spell (somewhat) phonetically. At my new teaching job, I was giving a spelling test this past Tuesday to assess the reading level of a new resident (I teach emotionally disturbed teens). One of the words was "couldn't." This one male student wrote something down, erased it, tried again, erased it and gave up.

Later, when I'm scoring the test, I looked to see what he had tried to spell. I see the letters c-u-n-t.

Best part is, that guy almost certainly wasn't trying to spell that!

So, more "butter" please? :P

cyn said...

that's good, because buttering costs extra.

Andrew Carmichael said...

Does butter = bother?

I didn't understand that until larry's comment, so Thank You Larry!

Adaora A. said...

Please to butter my bread, but don't butter me.