Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The perils of packing efficiency.

This past weekend, my best friend Adrian (momma of Baby Crumpet) flew all the way out from Seattle just to help me pack. (Now THAT'S a good friend!)

While I was putzing around the junk in the living room and sorting through books to keep and books to sell and moping about having to leave this lovely apartment and doing what seemed like forty loads of laundry (all of which consisted of sheets and blankets - WTF, did I rob a Linens & Things in my sleep?), Adrian focused intently on packing up my kitchen. Everything in my kitchen. It was a miracle of efficiency. (She is a managing editor, so efficiency is to be expected.)

Fast forward to today. I come home, pull some leftover Egyptian chicken and rice out of the fridge to heat up for dinner, throw it in the oven and set the timer...wait, where's the timer? Crap. Okay, stare at my cell phone clock for fifteen minutes. Then, when I can smell the fragrant spices of the chicken, I grab the oven mitt...shit. Where's the oven mitt???

Eventually, I got the chicken out of the oven and threw it into a bowl. One of two she left me. And a mug. And an assortment of purple plastic forks and red plastic knives. And a jar of peanut butter.

Oh, that wacky Adrian. So very efficient! Heh!


hldyer said...

I hope she also left you a can-opener.

Otherwise you will have to buy tuna in pouches or risk the wrath of your furry flatmates.

Ingrid said...

Egyptian chicken? Dang, now I'm hungry.

S. E. Ward said...

Ah, yeah. My mom did that to the Import and I once. She's scary when she gets into pack-and-clean mode. (Unfortunately, I'm beginning to show the same traits. Save me!)

Pray tell, what is Egyptian chicken, and is there a vegetarian or pescetarian version of said?

Adaora A. said...


This is my favorite:

WTF, did I rob a Linens & Things in my sleep

You never know how much crap you collect until you do one of two things:

1. Spring Clean
2. Move house.


Paul Phillips said...

Hi Colleen,
I just checked out the Fineprint Literary Agency web page and your name isn't listed there. I'm sure you already know but I thought I would just mention it. Good luck in finding an apartment.


Colleen said...

Hi Paul - Yes, I know I'm not on the website. I will be eventually. It's just not that urgent right now and I'm listed on FinePrint's Publishers Marketplace site, which is more important in terms of people finding me. The FinePrint website was designed before I was hired, and they simply haven't gotten around to redesigning it yet.

One of these days, you'll see my big smiling mug up there. And THEN you'll be sorry!

Nymeria87 said...

...That reminds me of what I'll be facing in August when I'm moving too. Fortunately my husband's family is huge and very willing to help moving ;)

Adaora A. said...

LOL Colleen! We look forward to seeing your smiling mug.

I've always liked seeing agents faces online. It kind of gives of their personality which adds to their blogs.

Bring it on!

Trisha Lynn said...

Howdy, Ms. Swivet! I was sent to your blog by a person I choose to call 'Droma, but you may know as Alyssa. I was her former roommate when she lived in Queens, and I'm now looking for someone to move into what used to be her room starting June 1. She can tell you all about the place while I look for an old ad to put up on CL this evening. It would be $800, plus half of the rent and utilities, and it's located near the Grand Ave. stop on the G/R/V.

And as for the kind of person I am, well I'll just point you towards my own CL ad (warning: it's for me moving out of the place to move into Manhattan, but honestly, I could still stay at my current place for less money):


andrewkaye said...

We'll only get to see your smiling mug if Adrian didn't pack it for you. ;)

Mary said...

I'll be moving in June (if all goes ATP) and am already dreading the packing.

Good luck with the apartment search! :)

Kristin said...

Reminds me of when I was in the Navy. They would send over guys to pack up your stuff for you. My husband and I were in our teeny apartment sitting on the floor playing cards while they packed up everything around us. We left for about a half-hour to grab some lunch. When we came back, they had packed up our card game!

When we arrived at my new station weeks later, we unwrapped the boxes, and inside were our separate hands wrapped up in packing paper!

We never did finish that game...