Saturday, May 10, 2008

I think I just broke my own record for number of queries read in one sitting.

Seriously? I think I've just burned out my retinas. (Owwwwww.)
Queries read between noon and 6:20 PM EST: 93
Queries left in my inbox that still need to be read: 623
For those of you wondering, that would be 4.08 minutes per query. Not bad. If I continue to read at that speed (which I probably won't but what the heck, let's pretend), that means it would take me just over 42 straight hours to read the remaining queries.
::: blink blink :::
Of course, queries are not the only thing I have to read as an agent, so I won't actually have 42 straight hours to devote to this anytime soon. But I thought the numbers were impressive and wanted to share.

Back to the computer while I await the arrival of the esteemed Mr. Mumpsimus for dinner. (Yes, I actually tricked him into coming all the way into Brooklyn to have dinner with me and the boys. God, I'm good!)


Adaora A. said...

Another reason for us to not send out queries a la automatic autopilot form style. If we want to make an impression out of all of that, we can't exactly wow with a 'Dear Sir/Madam.'

Kristin Laughtin said...

Thanks for posting entries like this (which show just how much time you have to devote to queries), as well as entries like your last (I like statistics). Definitely useful to remember once a writer starts submitting queries- one may wonder why an agent is responding, until realizing the sheer volume of stuff that agent has to go through.

Nathan said...

Ooooh! You ended up in Brooklyn?

So happy to share my Burrough!

Travis Erwin said...

Glad to hear things are settling for you.

I breathlessly await word of my query. So far so good since I had no coming of age super or Star Trek story.

Shannon said...

I have two buried in there somewhere. One from February and resent it in late March (I think). But glad to here of your, retinas, who needs 'em! 8-}