Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Much wisdom from a FinePrint colleague

My colleague June Clark at FinePrint specializes in non-fiction. She is a wonderful agent with a ton of experience. She also has a nifty website where she has a couple of pages of great insight for writers! Those of you who are looking to write non-fiction would do well to go read this and this right now. And those of you who aren't writing non-fiction should still read it, because she answers a lot of questions that beginning authors have about payment and sales.


Joya said...

I've been obsessively reading through information like this, but the two June Clark links had tons of stuff I didn't know (not that I'm saying I know a lot about this industry just yet, lol), and loads of answers to questions I hadn't even thought to ask yet. Thanks for linking. :)

Kataryna Vaelryn said...

Wow! That covered a LOT of things I've been wondering about! I just hadn't realized it could take so long to become published. Even with an agent! Thanks for the links!


p.s. just FYI: the screenname is for a character is my novels....It was something fun to do, lol.