Friday, May 23, 2008

A boring update, gratuitous cat stuff and updated
submission guidelines for your reading pleasure!

Those few of you who have been following the exploits of La Gringa and the Furry Machiavellian Persons for the past year or so will note that my sidebar is in a lamentable state of neglect and the links are sadly out-of-date. I plan to address that this weekend. The boys with whom I'm couch-surfing are in Texas (why two gay men would intentionally go to the state of Texas for a vacation is beyond me, but there you have it) so I have access to their G5 all weekend. (Cue evil laughter.)

Note: I also have access to their elderly and exceedingly cranky feline, Flounder. Flounder reminds me a bit of the late great Miss Mona, a dignified and independent old lady. She's half-blind, very vocal and is a frightening four pounds of fangs, fury and furballs. We had breakfast together this morning, then she proceeded to head-butt my right foot for fifteen minutes.

What else? I know I'm missing something.

Oh, yeah! I have updated my submissions guidelines a bit; you might want to pop over there and take a look at them if you haven't read them in a while.


Amie Stuart said...

Cowboys??? *ggg*

Anonymous said...

So, you are still apartment hunting, huh?

Is April just National Crazy Craiglist Housing ad month? Or are you holding out on us? *snort*

La Gringa said...

I am still looking for a place to live, yes. I imagine I'll find someplace by the end of June, though.

Merry Monteleone said...

Just a quick question, if you get a chance... The publisher's marketplace entry for Fine Print lists children's fiction(or juvenile - don't remember the wording now)... but after scouring every source I can find for you and your fellow agents there, I can't find one that likes middle grade - is there still an agent there interested in middle grade?

S. E. Ward said...

Ohhh, pretty Miss Mona! She's got the same air of dignity as my Baby, who's getting on toward being a Grand Old Lady in her own right. (Actually, Baby's probably best compared to Vena the Raven-Haired from Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero. Be afraid.)

Did you figure out why Flounder was head-butting your foot? Did she think there was a portal to the Tuna Realms lurking inside your shoe?

Just_Me said...

La Gringa~
I have a nice house for sale in Texas, just north of Austin, if you want it. You don't need to be in the 212 to do business and Austin is a fabulous city....

Come on, you know you want to live in Texas

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh, an old cat! I live with one too, and have for almost 17 years. He's about 18... he used to weight 12lbs in his prime and not he's down to about 6. He's thin and creaky and slow, and possibly deaf (I mean how else can you startle a cat???) but he's the same sassy demanding cuddly ruler of the universe that he always was. He is now allowed to walk on my dining room table, and sleep on my pillow or under my sheets. He wants, he gets. He deserves.

Have fun with all of them furry persons!

Anonymous said...

I second the Cowboys, though I doubt your gay guys will be very successful in

I'm afraid that my baby Nazca (she's almost a year now!) is already taking up eccentric airs - even our oldest, biggest and meanest Siamese Angel (I take it my inlaws picked her name out of sheer irony...) is afraid of her.

But hey, gotta love your dominant kitties :)