Monday, May 26, 2008

Why Salman Rushdie wrote a fantasy novel.

From today's Guardian UK:
The Enchantress of Florence, his first truly fantastical work of fiction since Haroun and the Sea of Stories, is the result of this drilling back down into story and fantasy. "We all began as readers with a very fond relationship with the imagination," Rushdie told interviewer Mariella Frostrup. "But what happens as we grow up is we begin to think of that as childish. I've never thought that."

Perhaps he has his eye on JK Rowling's audience now that she is semi-retired. The Enchantress of Florence is filled with bad faeries, imaginary dragons, ogres, sorcerers, witches, an imaginary queen, hexes, and love potions. There's also a princess who travels from east to west and becomes renowned for her capacity to enchant - until she becomes enchanted herself and learns, as Rushdie said, in love "you don't always act in your own self-interest."
More here. (Via my pal Cheryl Morgan)

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