Sunday, June 15, 2008

Agenty blog link round-up time!

Well, here at Casa de Temporary Digs, Flounder the Elderly Cat has decided to take up semi-permanent residence on my fold-out bed. This is a relatively new thing, as though she'd just discovered the damned thing existed. She hasn't really left the fold-out bed for three days, save for eating and peeing and the occasional wandering around the house to demand that someone pet her NOW PLEASE! MRRRRAAAAOOOOWWWW!

And at her advanced age (eighteen? nineteen? a hundred and twelve?) and her reduced weight (four pounds, although Chardonnay Boy claims five pounds), it's best not to dislodge her while she's sleeping. She gets rattled rather easily and the whole household suffers. (Also, as she is more or less only a pelvis, a spine and a skull held together by tortoiseshell fur and a bad attitude, I'm actually a little bit afraid to lift her.)

Therefore, while I wait for her to wake up and move just enough that I can grab a corner of the bed for my own self, I have time to do an agenty blog link round-up:
We interrupt this link round-up with breaking news: Flounder the Elderly Cat has gotten up to pee. I may have to make the rest of this quick, gang!
Okay, Flounder the Elderly Cat is coming back this way. I must make haste if I am going to get under the covers before she clambers back on the bed. The rest of the agent round-up will have to wait. Goodnight!


S. E. Ward said...

Pretty white toes! Flounder sounds a lot like an older version of my Baby. Glad to know I'm not the only one completely pwned in the presence of a cat.

Ooh, linkies. *puts editing aside to go and read*justifies it because you obviously want me to read them, else they wouldn't be there* ;)

Joya said...

What big ears you have, Flounder! :O

Anyway, just got done going through everything you linked. I definitely loved Jessica Faust's "bad book" discussion and Elizabeth Jote's Quick Query Tips. And I had no idea Lucienne Diver had a LJ. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Heidi the Hick said...

She sounds so much like my 18 year old black cat, Nigel. (Except that he's not so cranky!) He's so skinny. He was a big solid 12 lbs in his youth and he's about 4 or 5 now. He snoozes, he purrs, he gets up for a stretch and a snack and a drink, then slowly hobbles downstairs to visit the Little Old Men's Room.

Then he maaaiiows, swats the dog in the head, and picks a bed to snooze on.


He's a darling ol fella. He's been with us since he was a year old and helped me raise two kids and a pug puppy.

And yeah, I hesitant to move him when he's having a good sleep! I'll contort myself to get out of bed and not disturb him! I let him sleep on my pillow now. I figure he's earned it after all these years.

Must go read links now- thanks!

JKB said...

So if you all are sayin' my little cat is going to act like an old grump, I'm sayin' he already does. And he's only 2 yrs old. LOL.

But seriously, cute picture. I'm sure she maintains dominance rather well - it seems as though she has you trained right up. ;)

Thanks for the links! You are always finding a new agent link. It's great.

numdlmom said...

Flounder reminds me of my Jezzy who went to kitty heaven last year at 22 years old. Jezzy was all of 4lbs, but still queen of a 5 cat household. She was a black calico and no one messed with her.

The day we had to put her down was a black day in us. Everyone cried for days. There will never be another Jezzy.

Flounder, you keep going strong!

strangerface said...

Lori Perkins' blog is still lamentably purple on black.
I'll work on this for you.

La Gringa said...

Strangerface -

Can you get her to put dates on the posts, too? I'll make her some cookies!



Kelley said...

We tried that--running for the bed when our cat moved (She's eighteen and 4 3/4 pounds and has a mouth on her. Just like her mama, I'm proud to say.) but we pulled that all of twice. Because that second time, when we got up, we'd been peed on. Extravagantly. We got the hint. So. Just an F.Y.I.

Dharma Kelleher said...

Hugs and kitty kisses to Flounder!

And thanks to you for the great info!

Mags said...

I hit Book Cannibal for ya. Hope you get posting and cookies.

Mmm. Cookies.

My cat licks plastic. On purpose.

Mela Nin said...
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