Thursday, June 12, 2008

FinePrint Literary Management welcomes a new client:
Paul Jessup

On behalf of FinePrint Literary Management, I am thrilled to be able to welcome critically-acclaimed fantasy writer Paul Jessup into the fold as a new client.

Like Mike Jasper, Paul came to me as a referral from writer Ekaterina Sedia. (Methinks I'm going to owe that woman a lot of beer...)

Paul has had a long career as a distinguished short story writer, with stories published in ClarkesWorld Magazine, Strange Horizons, Apex Digest, Fantasy Magazine, Farrago’s Wainscoat, Post Scripts, Electric Velocipede, Psuedopod, Flashing Swords, Nanobison, Journals of Experimental Fiction, Jacob’s Ladder and The Harrow.

Next year, PS Publishing will publish Paul's collection of short stories, Glass Coffin Girls, as part of their PS Showcase series. In addition, Apex Books will be publishing his novella, Open Your Eyes.

Like Alan DeNiro, Paul brings a totally fresh perspective to fantasy writing, and I very much look forward to working with him.

PS: Paul also promised me he wouldn't write about elves or unicorns. I'm holding him to that.


pauljessup said...

Oh man, and there goes my ninja elf unicorn fantasy about an heir to the throne who was an orphan.


Kidding aside, this is fantastic :) And I think I owe Sedia a beer as well

legionfalcon said...

Welcome to the funky bunch! :)

archangelbeth said...

Perhaps elven unicorn ninja? *ducks, hides*
(Congrats to you all!)

S. E. Ward said...

Welcome aboard! :) You brought beer, right?

michaeljasper said...

Awesome news! Congrats Paul and Colleen. And I'll chip in for one of those pitchers of beer for Kathy S. Or maybe some single-malt...?

Oh, and the link to Paul's site doesn't work for me, but this does:

Gloria Weber said...


Ingrid said...

Welcome to the party Paul. Is this a BYOB?

Rachel said...

This is so wonderful; congratulations all around!! :) :)


Joya said...

Congrats to you both!

But with all the beer involved, I suppose I should congratulate everyone involved, eh?

So, congrats all around! :)

apexdigest said...

Congrats, Paul. You rock, my friend.

Catherine said...

Congrats Paul and Colleen.

Erk. That sounded like a congrats to a wedding, very odd.