Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Atlantic article about Google

Will Google become the world's first artificial intelligence?


pseudosu said...

I'd never thought about it but I do read differently on the net. It's more the way I was taught to "speed read" in school, more of a horizontal power scan.
But when I'm reading on the net it's completely different (in intention, atmosphere, feeling) from the reading I do every night when I pick up the couple of books I usually have going simultaneously.
I can't imagine reading an e-book, much as I love the "greenness" of it.
Hmmm, maybe between the two types of reading I'm developing some kind of vertical/ horizontal neural pathway ambidexterity??
A girl can hope.

Ulysses said...

An interesting thesis: as our method of reading changes, our thinking changes. It's not surprising. We all know that clear writing is an indicator of, and often an aid to clear thinking. Both deep reading and clear writing require discipline and concentration, and developing those things (or letting them atrophy) cannot help but affect the mind.

I think that our reading habits are changing because all of our information-gathering habits are changing. There is so much information available that skimming has to take the place of thorough reading if we are to sample the broad variety of sources that are necessary to form sensible opinions and viewpoints.

My thoughts. Of course, um... I just skimmed the article. I didn't actually READ it 8).

Rebecca said...

Well, I've been assuming Google is evolving into Skynet for awhile now, and awaiting the rise of the machines.

I definitely also have the same attention span problem after a decade online; it's why I turn off my wireless connection to write. No distractions by clicking on link after link.