Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More belated congratulations to two friends upon their Lammie Award wins!

I am so so so made of epic fail. This is what I get for poking fingers at bad query writers!

Two of my pals won Lambda Literary Awards last week and I failed to notice. (Damn these senior moments!)

First, new friend Lawrence Schimel's wonderful non-fiction anthology First Person Queer: Who We Are So Far (co-edited with the legendary Richard Labonte) won for Best Anthology. This is an extraordinary collection of essays and well worth reading!

Next, my good friend Nicola Griffith - who also happens to be one of my favorite writers - won for Best Women's Memoir/Biography for her absolutely exquisite limited edition multi-media memoir And Now We Are Going to Have A Party: Liner Notes To A Writer's Early Life.

Below I've pasted in two videos of Nicola at the Richard Hugo House reading from her memoir. Watch them both; they're wonderful! (By the way, Nicola also has a new blog. Well, technically, she has TWO new blogs.)

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S. E. Ward said...

W00T, Nicola! I've enjoyed the Bending the Landscape anthologies, so I'm glad to see her getting some goodies. Huzzah!