Monday, June 23, 2008

"What is a jumbo shrimp?"

George Carlin has passed away. Man, that was one funny sunnuva bitch.
"The term Jumbo Shrimp has always amazed me. What is a Jumbo Shrimp? I mean, it's like Military Intelligence - the words don't go together, man."
Rest in peace, George. I hope you finally find blue food, wherever you are.


Amie Stuart said...

How sad. I loved him!

Mags said...

He was nuts. This is a loss.

Ingrid said...

Such a loss. I loved his anti-establishment views on life and unscripted sense of humor.

Ulysses said...

My father had an extensive record collection, everything from bing crosby to rolling stones to show tunes to comedy. I don't think I was more than six the first time I heard him put George (the album Toledo Window Box) on the turntable.

I didn't get it. I was six.

I grew up, though. I never cared for the drug humor, but the way he made me look at words ("semi-truck driver?"), the government, religion, and everything else made me laugh like a hyena on nitrous.

He will indeed be missed.

LeeAnn Flowers said...

While I didn't necessarily agree with all his views, I loved his humor. Carlin's first book, Brain Droppings is absolutely hysterical, and please, take it from me. Do not attempt to read this book in public, and especially not a restaurant.

S. E. Ward said...

Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits. :(

La Gringa said...


But ass? Ass is okay:

“There are some words you can say part of the time. Most of the time ‘ass’ is all right on television. You can say, well, ‘You’ve made a perfect ass of yourself tonight.’ You can use ass in a religious sense, if you happen to be the redeemer riding into town on one — perfectly all right.”

Serenissima said...

Man, what a bummer. Makes me wanna howl a few of those seven words.