Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who are tomorrow's big genre stars?

John DeNardo over at SF Signal (a website that you should be reading daily, by the way, if you are at all serious about writing genre) hosts a regular series on his website called Mind Meld, in which he asks a rotating group of genre-related folks (writers, editors, agents, etc...) their opinions on a variety of genre-related subjects.

This week's question was "Who are tomorrow's big genre stars?"

John was gracious enough to invite me to participate in this Mind Meld, but really you should go over there to read Matthew Cheney's response, which is bloody hilarious! (Nick Mamatas as an American Idol judge? Hell, yes!)


PS: Matt's responses should in no way be blamed on the fact that I may have accidentally destroyed large portions of his cerebral cortex last week by forcing him to drink copious amounts of iced espresso mixed with Bacardi and Creme de Cacao; I have it on good authority that he turned in his response before we went drinking.


pauljessup said...

OMG! I can't believe Matt mentioned me! I am a agog.

La Gringa said...

Yes, you are. Gogs are kind of cute, actually. Hairy, but cute.

John D. said...

RE: agog

Glad you were able to play along!

Just_Me said...

Jack Campbell, or maybe I'm out of the loop and everyone loves him. The Lost Fleet series is one I just discovered and can't get enough of.

pauljessup said...

hairy, eh?

That explains my exponential beard growth

Kristin Laughtin said...

Thanks for the site recommendation. *heads over to read*