Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David Anthony Durham's Acacia optioned for film!

I am so happy for my friend David Anthony Durham! His remarkable epic fantasy novel Acacia has just been optioned for film. Go congratulate him!


S. E. Ward said...

Um, why had I not heard of this book? I was just lamenting this weekend about the lack of pithy, politically oriented fantasy where the bad guys have real power. My library request is already in. Oh, how I love living in a county with a huge library system, never mind a branch a mile from my house. :)

David Anthony Durham said...

Hey Colleen,

Thanks for spreading the word! Can you believe how long we had to wait for this to become official? This time last year, right? Ah, the memories...

S.E. Ward, I'm afraid Acacia isn't particularly pithy. (I'll work on that quality for future projects.) It does, however, feature bad guys that have all the power. Even when the good guys have the power they're kinda, well, bad in quite a few ways... And even then THEY don't really have the power. They other bad guys - the ones that don't make a show of it - are the ones that have the power... if you know what I mean.

clindsay said...

David -

Yes, indeed, it has been frustrating sitting on this news for a whole year. :-)

But I get to squee with joy NOW!

::: squeeeeeeeeeeee! :::

S. E. Ward said...


Ooh! Sounds like my kind of fictional political system. (Please note the "fictional" part, though I'm completely certain it's more realistic than I'd like it to be.) Congratulations on the option! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it actually gets made.