Friday, August 22, 2008

Best comic book reviews EV-AH!

Forget de-constructing comics! Who needs critical theory when you can get the unbridled enthusiasm of a seven-year old comic book geek!

Meet seven-year old Liam, the nephew of my pal Darth Duff (also a geek, but I'm guessing his fake Internet name gave that away). Liam is an avid comic book fan and has his very own awesome comic book reviewing blog called The Kid's Comic Book Reviews.

And Liam's one helluva reviewer, always cutting to the meat of the story. Consider this thoughtful snippet from his review of The Amazing Spider-Man #566: "It was weird that Peter stands on the ceiling when he’s at home and talks to himself." (Well, it really is weird when Peter Parker does that. Let's get real here.)

Liam is also an ardent feminist, as evidenced by this excerpt of his review of Venom, Dark Origins #1, wherein he takes Eddie to task for his treatment of the woman in his life: "I can’t believe that he told the gang of bad guys to just take the girl he liked. First he liked her and then he didn’t. He was a big chicken to just tell the bad guys to take her and not beat him up." (I couldn't agree more, Liam.)

Occasionally Liam is also joined in his reviewing by his younger brother Ethan and you'll get enlightening Ebert & Roeper-esque exchanges like this one:
Ethan: "This book was so funny. The little superheroes were so cute. I love baby Mr. Freeze."

Liam: "Yeah, little Mr. Freeze was so funny. He’s holding a gun filled with ice cream. I like that at the end all these little tiny bad guys show up."

Ethan: "I like baby Joker and baby Croc. They look funny."

Liam: "They were all real funny. Even Two-Face. It looks like he has gum all over half of his face."
So, if you're looking for an excellent new comic book blog, I say go bookmark The Kid's Comic Book Reviews!

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Brown Trash Punk said...

awwww. thats really cute and funny. i love little smart kids! esp. those who are feminist and like comic books!