Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For those of you who care

I've updated my Agent Query listing and my Publishers Marketplace listing and my FinePrint website listing. Note that every one of them now state very clearly that I don't accept snail mail queries (with the exception of graphic novel queries).

So NOW will you please stop mailing me things that will just get thrown away? Pretty please?


Southern Writer said...

The best line in the movie came right after this one:


Mags said...

Can I still mail you cash?

VELMA SABINA!!! said...

going green is much, much better!

Jeff said...

I got a submission the other day at an email address that the author had to dig to find, rather than use the email address in the submissions guidelines. You know, right next to where it says if you send an attachment your submission will be cast into the lake of fire unshriven and unread.