Friday, August 15, 2008

More on the cancellation of The Jewel of Medina

My colleague at FinePrint, Peter Rubie, has some definite opinions about Random House's cancellation of Sherry Jones's The Jewel of Medina.


Jeff said...

I have a half-written historical fantasy called The Sword of the Prophet. It utilizes no historical figures, only the historical setting, and pits a coalition of Christians, Muslims, a Jew and a Zoarastrian against an ancient pagan god.

Should I not even bother finishing it, because someone might become offended?

(crossposted in Rubie's comments)

VELMA SABINA!!! said...

I'm a Muslim and it annoys me how they seem to think that Muslims would be automatically offended by any literature about Muslims. Um, no. Many Muslims are embarrased by the media's claims that "Muslims worldwide were outraged" over the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy. It is so embarrassing. none of us gave a f--k about that incident!

granted, few Muslims DO get offended, but they don't reflect the attitude of most normal, moderate, secular Muslims world-wide.

That being said, I'd read the book. I am very fascinated by the stories of Muhammad's wives-- many of them came from different backgrounds and had interesting lives.