Friday, September 19, 2008

Everyday is Christmas for the cats.

Stinkyboy and Buddy are pretty much having a day filled with awesome. On the way home from a lovely - and long overdue! - dinner/catch-up gossip with my pal Andrew Wheeler, I stopped by Petco.

This is what Our Feline Overlords scored today: New cardboard scratching post, liberally doused with catnip. New soft leather cat toy shaped eerily like a large rat. Also liberally doused with catnip. Lots of cans of Nutro Seafood and Tomato Bisque cat food (Stinky's favorite). A ginormous bag of Nutro Max Cat dry food (also their favorite; they've not been happy with the Iams dry I bought last time). A bag of tasty Greenies for their teeth. And, last but not least -- a brand new Furminator. (Their old one was lost in the move. Alas!) We have just spent thirty minutes accumulating a wad of loose cat hair as big as my head.

And Stinky has already barfed on the kitchen floor, so I know he's a satisfied customer.

Really, who needs kids?


Jeff said...

I know I'm only happy after I've barfed on the floor.

Eli said...

I spent $70 on cat litter and kitten food the other day. Which is $70 more than I spent on my own food this week. :-P

Christopher M. Park said...

Oh yeah, the Furminator is really awesome. My wife and I have three cats, and tried all sorts of brushes before finding this. It's amazing how much sleeker their coats are (and how much less they throw up hairballs) after being brushed with it.

Our cats are a bit odd, though, in that none of them really like special catfood at all, or cat treats. So instead we get them cat grass (which one of them loves) and cat milk (a non-harmful soy product that they all love). You can find the cat milk in Petsmart or other stores in little paper juice-box-sized cartons for something like $0.50 or $0.90 ea., if I recall.

Tez Miller said...

Sorry to hear about Stinkyboy's overdose. Maybe one day he'll learn not to over-indulge...Oh, who am I kidding; that won't happen ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Karen Pasqualucci said...

The Furminator sounds like a great idea! I shall go find one today. My boys have taken to hacking up hairballs in my bed! eeew!

They can be so subtle!
Thanks for the solution :)

clindsay said...

The Furminator is amazing. It costs an arm and a leg (seriously, they're like $40 - not cheap!) but there's nothing like it for getting your cat hair under control.

I also recommend the One Sweep rubber broom, which gets up pet hair like nobody's business. It's one of those crazy "as see on TV" things but they have been using them in Holland for years. I had one for about six years until the rubber bristles broke off; I need to find another ASAP. They're just amazing for getting up animal hair.

(PS: if any of y'all out there in the NYC area know where I can buy one, please let me know! Rite Aid used to carry them but I have scoured this city looking for the damned things with no luck.)

S. E. Ward said...

Check a hardware store for a rubber-bristled rake. A lot of carpet pros use them to resuscitate crushed pile, and they're really amazing. I need to get hold of another one sometime. The amount of cat (and Stu, and me) hair they pick up is incredible. (We both have insanely long hair, and we shed as much as the cats. My poor vacuum cleaner.)

I'll need to pick up a Furminator sometime. Anything that can help prevent hairballs is welcome in this house. Thanks!

Karen Pasqualucci said...

Okay - so I went and bought a Furminator this morning - it is truly amazing!
The cats regally allowed themselves to be groomed. At the end I had two glossy, smug beauties and a whole new cat in the garbage!
Thanks for the heads up!