Saturday, September 20, 2008

George Takei to Tim Hardaway:
"I love sweaty basketball players."

I can't believe I never saw this before. It's hilarious!

(Via Paul Jessup. Mister, aren't you supposed to be working on a book for me?)


Anonymous said...

Didn't you get my synopsis? I made it extra purty with pictures and stuff.

George Takei is my new hero, because of that video. I laughed so hard I peed a little, hah

KD said...

Oh em gee, somebody get that man in a comedy! (If they can drag him away from the new hubby long enough to act, that is.)

Yay! Awesome!

S. E. Ward said...

George Takei is made of awesome. He's also a phenomenally nice guy.

Now I need to see Oblivion again. "Jim, Beam me up!"

Georgiana said...

Too funny for words. Thanks for sharing.