Sunday, September 21, 2008

J. Peterman has a blog. (No, I'm not kidding.)

Okay, try to follow me here:

J. Peterman was a catalog retailer famous for selling odd and romanticized clothing in a catalog that featured sketches and purple prose about the exploits of the retailer's founder, John Peterman. In the mid-90s, Seinfeld parodied John Peterman and his catalog business by creating a pompous character named Jacopo (J.) Peterman, who ran a similar catalog clothing business where the character Elaine worked. J. Peterman was portrayed by famous character actor John O'Hurley. In 1999, the actual J. Peterman went bankrupt and sold the catalog company to another company, Paul Harris Stores. One year later, Paul Harris Stores also went bankrupt. John Peterman raised capital and bought back his business. His business partner? John O'Hurley, the actor who had portrayed him on Seinfeld.

This is all a round-about way of telling you:
J. Peterman has a blog. And it's utterly fascinating!


Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm waiting for the "Soup Nazi" to have his own blog.

JES said...

Way cool -- thanks for the heads-up!

Now if only the Banana Republic's founders, Mel & Patricia Ziegler, would start blogging... In some ways I liked their catalogs (and the damn store's product line) even more than Peterman's.

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

jes, meh. You should see the catalog for INTERNATIONAL MALE. That one is pretty unintentionally hilarious. they make "classy" clothes for men but only end up making male models look Eurotrashy and desperate.

Amy Nathan said...

Here's to show you the power of the internet - my cousin is naming her baby girl to be: Colleen. But they couldn't think of a middle name and want it to start with L. I thought it was a no-brainer. I said, "Colleen Lindsay - that sounds good together." And I thought but didn't say how familiar it sounded.