Friday, September 19, 2008

Query Update (and stuff)

Very brief updates:

Queries: I am - more or less - caught up on e-queries through September 1st (and in most cases, all the way up through September 17th). Some of you may have noticed that my turnaround time has improved significantly. Being able to read email on the Palm Centro while I'm commuting has drastically increased my productivity; I read and respond to an average of 35 queries on my daily subway commute. Not bad! If your query doesn't contain funky formatting, I can download it onto my Centro and take it with me. But queries with funky formatting or overly long queries don't translate well on the Centro so I wait to read those queries at home, thus the delayed response times to some of you. (A smart person would have put two and two together by now and come to the realization that, yes, I spend more time underground in the subway than I do in my own apartment. Tragic!)

So, if you've queried me before September 1st, and did not receive a response, it's possible I didn't see your query. Either that, or your query came with an unsolicited attachment and was discarded without being read. Feel free to to re-query; make sure you have no attachments that I did not specifically request. (Graphic novel queries, as always, being the exception - please refer to my submission guidelines.)

Partials & Fulls: Mea culpa! Very behind! I've had a lot of client reading to do, and that always takes priority. I'm getting through these slowly but surely and hope to have a response back to everyone from before September 1st by the end of this weekend.

World Peace: Well, chocolate may help. I'm not sure about this one.

Fringe: Nothing can save this show. It is utterly dreadful. Best to avoid at all costs and Netflix old X-Files episodes.


pauljessup said...

me and the missus are watching old xfiles eps this week! OMG, it's so weird how young they were. I'm watching this going, wow, I'm older than they are, yet when I first watched this I thought they were ancient!

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

Gillian Anderson freakin RULES. Love, love, LOVE her.

world peace.... sigh... how totally unachievable ;-(

Jeff said...

The early X-Files don't hold up well, and the later ones, especially the last season, blew. But there were some damn good episodes before the first movie. One of my favorites is the trailer park vampire episode.

Strangely enough, something like that happened to me. I was in Berkeley for a weekend of training, staying at a Ramada Inn, came home late Friday night, kicked off my shoes and crashed into bed. When I woke up the next morning, my shoes sat at the end of the bed, perfectly arranged side by side with the shoelaces untied and lying spread out like wings.

Skyler said...

I have a question since you'll be reading requested material this weekend: You asked for a full from me a few months ago. I emailed it to you, but I've made some substantial improvements since. What's the best thing for me to do? Say nothing until I hear from you? Get your permission to email the revision? Rewrite it again in the style of Saul Tigh? Any advice would be appreciated. Argh.

Lisa Iriarte said...

So, I queried you on August 23, no attachments. I should query again, then?

Shadow_Ferret said...

Aw. I didn't think Fringe was that horrible. But yes, it did make me want to watch X-Files, which in turn make me want to watch Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Patrick said...

Thanks for updating. I will stop bombarding you with "You said to query if you hadn't heard from me by September first" e-mails. :)

As for fringe, I believe my wife summed it up, based on seeing one commercial for it, as "Look, look, we're X-Files meets CSI meets that one where they just look at bones!" The commercials smelled like desperation.

cindy said...

awwww, man. i've got fringe still on tivo to watch. i hope you're just an over-critical viewer! it looked promising...

H. L. Dyer said...


You mention reading on your Palm... is there any value to you in .pdb files for submissions?

A few months ago, I learned how to use Palm Markup Language to create .pdb ebooks (from document files) that preserved the italics, bold print, centering, etc. and had a clickable table of contents. I did this to read my manuscript on my palm pilot, and since then, I've converted many other authors' manuscripts to review them more easily.

If this is useful to you, let me know.

clindsay said...

H.L. -

No, I no longer read on the Palm. My trusty Tungsten E died a couple of months ago and I bought myself a Sony E-Reader. I do have a Palm Centro but I only read queries on it; I don't want to download attachments onto my phone.

H. L. Dyer said...

Ah, yes... I remember the swivety Sony E-Reader jubliation. ;)

I thought maybe the Palm Centro was handier, but I didn't think about having to download the files to it.

clindsay said...


Palm Centro screen = 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches

Sony Reader screen = size of a mass-market paperback.

Easy choice.

I read queries on the Centro to save time but reading more than a short query is pretty hard work since it's about 8 point type. I would never read a whole manuscript on this.

The old Palm Tungsten had a larger screen and I'd installed fonts that made for easier reading through e-reader. I can easily turn any Word document into a .pdb file with Documents-to-Go; that was never the issue. The issue was simply that the old Palm died and I decided if I was going to spend a couple hundred dollars on something that I basically only used for reading, I may as well just get a device designed for reading.

Georgiana said...

My favorite thing about the Fringe universe is how every landmark or city is conveniently labeled in enormous, unattractive font. Who needs a guide?