Friday, October 17, 2008

From the Department of WTF: How the Bee Gees could save your life.

No, I'm not saying the Bee Gees will save your life. The American Heart Association is. Apparently the song Stayin' Alive has the same rhythm as the chest compressions needed to re-start your heart, so they're using it as a training tool in CPR classes.

Thank God it's the song Stayin' Alive, and not the film. John Travolta's shaved, sweaty chest and mullet might have the reverse effect on a dying person.


Amy said...

In the UK heallth professionals are trained to use 'Nelly the Elephant' as the rhythm for chest compressions in CPR. You do two rounds of the chorus and then check for breath :)

richgoldstein13 said...

I'd like to come back from the brink of death to hear an EMT singing in falsetto.

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