Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls for Obama!!!

Via the BUST Magazine blog, a link to this awesome blogger who has compiled a collection of ridiculously adorable pictures of little girls who are - apparently - absolutely ga-ga over meeting Barack Obama. Pictures like this one:


JKB said... fantastic.

Nothing more to say.

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

that pic is so awesome. and yeah i saw the slideshow. it brings warmth to my cold heart.

michaeljasper said...

Those pix made my day.

(And do you ever see McCain w/ kids? Idontthinkso!)

S.M.D. said...

Beautiful pictures indeed. I'd recommend nobody read the comments on the original thread for the pics though...there's some troll in there babbling about how men hate women and how Obama is evil because he's a man and what not. It's an extremist feminist argument that doesn't have much weight (someone pointed that out in the comments too by using a Sarah Palin/Obama analogy, which was fantastic).

In any case, I love these pictures. They make me happy. I see hope in all those kids' lives and that's really important. It's not just fake hope, or hope that some silly value they hold will be upheld, but hope that when they grow up their country will be better, that their lives will be better, that everything will be better for everyone here. That's really important, I think. It'd been a long time coming since we've had a candidate that kids and adults alike are geniunely excited for. I'm excited and I can't wait for the Obama presidency to happen!

Jeff said...

At first I was inclined to be a bit creeped out by this, but then, upon a small amount of reflection, I realized this isn't really like those pics of teen boys staring in stunned lust at Sarah Palin.

Sex Mahoney for President said...

It is wrong to politicize children. I say enfranchise them and let them decide for themselves.

Sex Mahoney for President