Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Head's up, kids! M.J. Rose is teaching her awesome online Buzz Your Book class again!

Last week a lot of you tuned into Agent Nathan's blog to read a helpful guest-post by author and online marketing maven M.J. Rose on marketing your book. Well, now's your chance to step up your own mad marketing skillz by taking M.J.'s incredible six-week online book marketing class. She's only teaching the class once this year; the course will run from Jan 5th through Feb. 2nd, 2009 and it's limited to 25 students, so you'd best sign up now.

And let me reiterate: This is an ONLINE class. You don't need to live in NYC to participate.

The cost of the course is $745. Lest you start balking that you don't have that kind of money to market your book, and holy crap, who can afford that, let me just say that this: You can't afford NOT to take this class if you're serious about taking charge of your own writing career and learning a successful DIY approach to marketing your own book. Besides, hiring someone to do your marketing and publicity for you is going to cost you five times what you'll pay for this course. (It's like that old adage about teaching someone to fish versus handing them a salmonburger. Yeah, the salmonburger tastes awesome, even if it was pricey, but by tomorrow you'll be hungry all over again.)

Why am I promoting this class? Is M.J. paying me to say nice things about her? Nope. I'm pimpin' this class for because it works, and M.J. is very good at what she does.

Here's what M.J. herself has to say about the class:
Your publisher has ten, twenty, fifty books to market every season... you have one! [Colleen interjects: In many cases your publisher will actually have as many as 175 books to promote in a three-month span. Something to think about.] And there's a lot you can do to be your publisher's marketing partner and help your book. With their blessing.

That's what Buzz Your Book - the class - is all about and I'm only teaching it once in 2009, from Jan 5th to Feb 2nd.

Once again, Matt Baldacci - VP, director of Marketing and Publishing operations at SMP- will be the guest lecturer.

The class takes place over six weeks all on line, one-on-one, via email [and a forty-five minute phone consultation!] and is limited to 25 students and we're starting to fill up. The sign up link is here.

The class is based on the book (Buzz your Book) Douglas Clegg and I wrote and is designed for authors as well as publishers.

To date authors from Pantheon, McCadam Cage, Simon & Schuster, Bantam, Doubleday, Time Warner, Hyperion, Ballantine, Penguin, & SMP have already taken this class as well as publicists and editors from Tor, Wylie and Simon & Schuster. (While the class is designed for authors, since it is one-on-one it can be easily tailored for publicists.)

Click here and scroll to the bottom to read testimonials from others who have taken the course.
Alrighty then, kids!

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Sex Mahoney for President said...

I'm always torn on classes like these, because, on one hand they seem like a good, if expensive idea, and, on the other, Woody Guthrie didn't have a press kit.

Sex Mahoney for President