Saturday, October 25, 2008

More on the importance of stripping books.

Bookseller Chick, a wonderful blogger who was also a longtime bookseller in the Portland area, points readers to an older post of hers wherein she discusses the importance of stripping, and why a bookstore wouldn't stay in business very long without it.

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Fabien Lyraud said...

The print on demand is the future of publishing. The stripping, problems of stock management, returns and retaken will be a bad reminds. A major british publisher like MacMillan use the print on demand technics. It would a good thing to adopt this way. Because the stock management would become more easy but also publishing a book would become less expansive and the publisher wouldn't be condemned to sell more andd more. It's a chance for long sellers and midlist.
About stripping and publishers, i found it's a shame the publishers haven't their own network to give old books to public library, scholls, colleges etc...