Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My clients are very efficient. Dang! Also, update on queries, partials and fulls.

I love my clients. They take direction well, they listen to my advice, they accept constructive criticism sans (for the most part) gnashing of teeth and hand-wringing. And they get back to me with revisions. Fast. Really fast. Really, really fast.

::: gulp! :::

And as a result of their steadfast work ethic and efficiency, I now have not one, not two, not even three revised manuscripts to read before the end of the month (yes, you read that correctly), but FOUR client manuscripts to read before November 1st. Why do I want to get them read before November 1st? Because I am going on a short vacation to visit my family in Georgia and when I go, I am going incommunicado. No email, no computer, and no cell phone availability (in fact, the only reason I'm bringing my phone at all is to let my sis-in-law know that I've arrived at the Marta station so she can come pick me up).

Does going to Georgia mean I won't be working? Nope. Because about one hour ago I received a FIFTH revised manuscript from a client, one that will go on my Sony Reader and come with me to read on the plane. I'll probably be taking a couple of full requested manuscripts with me, too, but I won't guarantee that they'll get read as I have two six-year olds (kids, not cats) who will be demanding much of my time, as well as a twelve year old who may or may not be too cool now to associate with his dorky and decidedly uncool aunt. There's also a Beagle, a guinea pig and a bird. And the neighbors' dogs. And the neighbors. And hot wings. And collard greens. And bedtime stories. There's lots going on in Acworth, Georgia!

What does this mean for you all who haven't heard from me by November 1st regarding your partials or fulls (on which I confess to be woefully behind in responses and rejections, by the way; mea culpa!)? This means that - realistically? - you probably won't hear from me until the end of November at the earliest.

As for queries, I'm pretty much up-to-date through the first week of October, although there are a few I've been hanging onto as 'maybes'. So, if you sent me a query PRIOR TO September 15th and have not yet received a response, please feel free to re-query me. (But first check your spam filter, m'kay?)


Vieva said...

Have a wonderful time - and I hope the 12 yr old isn't too cool for a fun aunt!

michaeljasper said...

Bwa ha ha!!!

Happy reading, and safe travels.

pseudosu said...

Thanks so much for the update. It's hard waiting but easier when we get some indication of where you're at.
Have fun, enjoy the kids, food, and your time "off".

clindsay said...


Amanda said...

Have a great vacation!

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

oh come on. I'm sure you ARE the "cool aunt" that everybody wants so bad. Hell, I already am the "cool aunt" in the family but maybe that's cos I'm also the black sheep... LOL

have fun in Georgia!

Joya said...

Have a lovely vacation. :)

KD said...

Incommunicado? Courageous woman! The thought gives me hives.

Have fun!

Ingrid said...

We planned it this way...set a date and time to turn in our revisions. We mostly did it for entertainment value ;-P

Talk to you soon!

Scott said...

See, I thought we were doing it so we could get Halloween off free and clear?

Sex Mahoney for President said...

Save time, frustration, and money by doing your holiday family visitations at any other time of the year but the holidays. Airlines, Amtrack, and car rental service providers not only jack up the prices, but the crowds are killer. I applaud your efforts. Unless you're going to visit your family to celebrate Aviation History Month, in which case, that's incredibly lame.

Sex Mahoney for President

S. E. Ward said...

Eek! Aren't you glad I'm nowhere near ready to send you anything? ;)

Have fun, and eat some collard greens for me! Mmm, properly cooked greens. *Homer noise*

Ingrid: Ahh, that's it! This is what I get for falling out of the loop. ;)

michaeljasper said...

Hee hee.

There's more where that ms came from! ;)