Monday, November 24, 2008

Query update.

Just a head's up that if you have a query sitting in the hopper waiting for a response, that response won't be coming until sometime next week at the very earliest. I'm taking the whole week off from reading queries so that I can catch up with the backlog of partials and fulls that I have sitting in my inbox.

Interesting fact: the number of email queries that I've been receiving has increased drastically over the past six weeks, going from an average of about 175 queries per week to an average of 500 per week. Over the past 72 hours alone, I've received 146 queries. I'm not sure to what I should attribute the sudden increase in queries; it doesn't seem to make much sense.

But one thing I've noticed is that the quality of those queries is in inverse proportion to the quantity. In other words, a lot of you are hitting "SEND" way too fast. Lots of typos, grammatical errors, complete disregard for my submission guidelines, queries for inappropriate categories, and just plain badly written.

Please, folks! Double and triple-check your queries before you send them off to any agent. You'll be doing yourself a favor in the long run.


Annalee said...

End-of-November Nano serge, perhaps? That might explain the poor quality, because people who think it's a good idea to zip off a query the same day they finish Nano are probably the same people who'd be less than discerning about said query.

Annalee said...

...except that you said in the post that this has been going on for six weeks, so, uh, yeah, probably not Nano's fault.

Scuze me while I go have the dumb for a while.

(On an unrelated subject, livejournal's feed for your blog seems to have stopped feeding in the wake of their server move).

pseudosu said...

Thanks for the update.
Do you reply to "just checking back" emails (on requested material, not queries) as a rule?
"Just checking"

Vieva said...

Maybe it's the surge of "wrote it over the summer" novels from schoolteachers and high-schoolers? They've had it read once, think they're done, and are sending it out?

And Annalee, don't feel so bad, I was about to say Nano myself. :)

meradeth said...

Mind if I ask how old those partials and fulls are?

Joya said...

Annalee: I'm subscribed to Colleen's LJ feed, and I've been getting her blog updates on my friends page since the server switch.

Sex Mahoney for President said...

Perhaps it's that ad your agency placed in last month's issue of Cat Fancier's Weekly.

Sex Mahoney for President

Robert said...

Could be the upturn in layoffs. Folks who have been laid off (or had a wage earner SO laid off) who wrote something but for whatever reason haven't sent it are thinking "oh, I'll publish my book, that will make up for my missing income!".

Which would also explain the downturn in query quality.