Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ralph Nader calls Barack Obama an Uncle Tom. WTF?

Seriously, folks. WTF?


Travis Erwin said...

Ralph Nader needs to gather up Jared from Subway and Joe the Plumber, and drive the fifteen minutes of fame bus right out of town.

S. E. Ward said...

What in fuck? Does he not understand that when Fox News is outraged over a comment directed toward the Democratic president-elect, then it's a bad thing to say?

I think those low-speed impacts from Unsafe At Any Speed have affected his brain.

Nathan said...

"Does he not understand that when Fox News is outraged..."

I had to keep looking down at the corner of the screen to confirm what channel this was from. Holy shit!

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

STFU, Ralph

Annalee said...

ugh, wow.

Reporter: "No, Nader, really, you can stop digging. Here, let me take that shovel from you and help you up out of that hole. Please? You're getting near the rock bed down there. I'm embarrassed for you."

Nader: "You Bully."

Reporter: "..."

Sex Mahoney for President said...

I voted for Ralph Nader. I didn't in 2000 and I regret it. He's the closest thing to a decent human being to run for the president in my lifetime. I'd rather see Obama than McCain, but that's not saying much. I hope I'm wrong about the man, but Obama doesn't seem much different than any of the politicians I've met: A lot of bland pleasantries, good behind a teleprompter, bad without, and full of courage to say the safe thing.

Sex Mahoney for President

Twill said...


Wow. I always thought Nader was out of touch and in his own little space, even before the stroke.

To think that a white politician of his generation would even consider using the term "Uncle Tom", in such a historic moment and in such a weird context, is just hilarious.

He's SO over.