Monday, November 17, 2008

Secret Agenting...or, How to Make 42 Prospective Authors Bite Their Nails All At Once

The lovely and gracious Authoress Anonymous, creator of the helpful writing blog Miss Snark's First Victim, asked me to judge a contest over at her blog last week. I had to read the first 250 words of 42 different manuscripts and decide whether I was "hooked" or not. It would have been 43, but one of the lucky contestants was offered representation before his/her work even appeared on the website. So, congrats to the Author of the Missing Entry!

In any case, Authoress just posted my list of winning entries over here if you would like to read them for yourself.

A big thank you to Authoress for letting me participate! It was a lot of fun!


Hélène Boudreau said...

Aha! You've decloaked. :-)

I didn't enter but enjoyed reading the entries and your responses.

Fun stuff!

Authoress said...

The pleasure was mine! Thanks again for the time you devoted to the contest. And thanks for this write-up; I'm getting all sorts of hittage from your (obviously popular) blog. :)

Lee Wind said...

What a fun idea - thanks for telling us about it!


Sex Mahoney for President said...

Thanks for the heads up. I always like to find new blogs to read. Paper is SO 20th century.

Sex Mahoney for President