Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ACLU steps into the Arkansas gay parent adoption fray.

Via long-time Swiveteer Jeff Richárd, a link to this welcome news: The ACLU has stepped into the recent gay parent adoption ban passed in Arkansas:
In the lawsuit filed today, the ACLU argues that Act 1 violates the federal and state constitutional rights to equal protection and due process. Participating in the case are 29 adults and children from over a dozen different families, including a grandmother who lives with her same-sex partner of nine years and is the only relative able and willing to adopt her grandchild who is now in Arkansas state care, several married heterosexual couples who have relatives or friends disqualified by Act 1 who they want to adopt their children if they die, and a heterosexual woman who wants to be a foster or adoptive parent but can’t because she lives with her partner of five years. The complaint was filed this morning in Pulaski County Circuit Court.
Read the whole story here.


Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

it amazes me that some bigots think gays should not be allowed to adopt kids, while there are heterosexual couples out there who abuse and beat their kids...

ahhh, democracy.

Dal Jeanis said...

Ummm - Trash Punk, "there are heterosexual..." if that's the standard, then no one can adopt, because there are some of *anything* that abuse their kids.

Abusers should not be allowed to adopt, I believe we can all agree. There might be a bit of a scrum over how to define "abuse", though. Half the fringies out there would like to include voting for the opposite political party.

I was curious about the "heterosexual / partner" thing, though. Is the ACLU claiming, then, that any individual should be allowed to adopt, without first forming a permanent and stable two-parent household?

Good luck with that argument.