Thursday, January 8, 2009

Carrie Vaughn talks urban fantasy: what is it and where does it go wrong?

New York Times-bestselling urban fantasy author Carrie Vaughn has posted an excellent three-part essay about urban fantasy:
Part One: The Formula
Part Two: When Things Go Wrong (Pay careful attention to Item #5!)
Part Three: Deconstructing Urban Fantasy


L.C. Gant said...

Thanks for the link to this post, Colleen! I read all three sections in one sitting. It was absolutely fascinating!

Amber Lynn Argyle said...

At the essense of this issue is the difficulty in writing balanced characters.
Especially in genre writing, story trumphs characters. Once again, balance between character development, traits, backstory, motivation; along with story, description, etc.

Only the very best of writers can pull it all off.

And none of them are perfect.