Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Update!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Today I was officially back to work at the agency (although I sort of cheated a bit over the holidays and started getting caught up on queries). I thought I'd first take the time to quickly welcome new readers and reiterate a few basic things for those of you who may not have been following along from the beginning:
First, I'm happy to receive queries from anyone who wants to send one. However, do note that I no longer accept paper submissions. I haven't since June of 2008. All snail mail queries that come to my attention at the agency go right into the recycling bin. I make some exceptions for graphic novel queries, and those exceptions are spelled out in my submissions guidelines. For everything else, email only, please.

Please don't send me attachments unless I write to you and ask for them. Queries with unsolicited attachments are deleted without being read. What constitutes an attachment? Anything at all that isn't just the text on the screen. Don't send jpgs or tiffs, mp3s or pdfs. Don't send vcf cards. Don't send a company logo or a scan of your signature. Don't send animated gifs. If your email software attaches those funky little windat files to your emails, get rid of them. Basically, all we want to see in an emailed query are words on the screen. Period.

I don't represent screenplays, nor does anyone else at FinePrint.

I don't represent poetry; ditto the above.

While I have a particular interest in SF/F, YA, YA SF/F and LGBT fiction, in point of fact I'll happily look at a query for just about any kind of fiction except religious or Christian fiction. If you simply aren't sure about your manuscript, send me a query. I'll tell you if I think it's too faith-based for me and point you toward some very good agents who do represent faith-based fiction. Additionally, I'm probably not your best bet for category romance. But everything else is fair game!
Okay, now that that's out of the way, a quick update:
Fulls & Partials: I know I've been very behind in responding to fulls and queries. Mea culpa! I've starting getting caught up and some of you have already heard from me today. I'm going to be spending the month of January getting caught up on all fulls and partials I still have outstanding.

Queries: For the most part, I'm now caught up on queries through the middle of December. There are a handful from November that I'm still holding onto because sometimes I have to sit on a query for a little if I get a good feeling about it and I'm just not sure yet. But I'll get through the rest of those this week.
That's about it. I'll be offline for a little while this week. I'm sure y'all can entertain yourselves!


Ann Victor said...

And a Happy New Year to The Swivet as well! Hope it's a great year for everyone.

Lisa Iriarte said...

Hello and Happy New Year. I'm a little concerned about what is happening to either my queries, or your responses. I've sent two queries, one over the summer and one in September. I have not received a reply to either one. Should I try sending it from an alternate email account? I have a yahoo address. Could that be the problem? I've checked my spam folder. There's nothing in it. Suggestions?

~tivi jones said...

Thanks for posting this information! I'm new to your blog and this post was a great intro to it! I'll snoop around more before I start bothering you about my writing...but eventually I will bother.

Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! said...

I hope you have a great 2009 and I hope you get that leaking roof fixed in your apartment!

Kenny Celican said...

D'oh! The day I hit my email before I come check here, the day I email asking about whether my partial got there or not, just so happens to be the day the thing I've been checking for is up here. Life is like that some days.

Anywho, Happy New Year!, and thanks for the bloggy goodness and assorted insights.