Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Earthlink SpamBlocker users:

Three times this weekend I tried to send query responses to people with Earthlink addresses. Each of these three bounced back to me with an email requesting me to fill out a SpamBlocker form. Just for future reference, I don't fill out these forms. I delete them. Most agents delete them. If you've taken the time to query us, take the time to add us to your approved email recipient's list. Otherwise, you may wonder forever why you didn't hear back about your query.


Sherry Ficklin said...

They might as well end their query with,
"Looking forward to your rejection,"

Jodi Meadows said...

I delete them, too.

I've filled out a couple with "don't use this" in the comment field. I have no idea if they pay attention or not. But mostly I delete them.

Yen said...

Amen! Ever heard of Gmail? (Hey -- even dinosaurs use Hotmail.)

Jean said...

I can't speak for other Earthlink users, but I always go in and rescue someone I've forgotten to add to my on line address book from the suspected Spam area (but, yeah, if they're querying you, they should have remembered to do that BEFORE you were subjected to "reverse spam").

As far as I can tell, all filling out the form does is send an email to the Earthlink user that someone wants to be added to their address book, so, in my opinion, the form is useless, and I wouldn't recommend filling it out.