Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New contest! Query haiku!

Okay, a new contest to keep y'all occupied so that I can free myself up to get caught up on reading. (Not having a working Sony Reader any longer is seriously cutting into my productivity and my reading time! I protest!)

In any case, here's a new contest, and it's a lot harder than the last one: Submit your query in haiku format. And you need to follow the rules for haiku formatting. Three lines, first line consisting of five syllables, second line consisting of seven syllables, third line consisting of five syllables again. Leave your query haiku in the comments field below. (Anonymous commenting is on, so have at it.) The contest is open until midnight Friday, EST.

The top ten haikus will be posted on the blog next week. Winner will get his/her real query letter critiqued in depth.

Think of this as exercise in thinking concisely. And have fun!


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Ivy said...

Set, lord of chaos
stalks psychic paralegal
keeps sun off menu

Anonymous said...

Teen finds living book
Targeted by dark cabal
Told from book’s viewpoint

Francesca said...

Girl jumps for joy and
Catches grouchy joy fairy.
Mild chaos ensues.

Diane T said...

Cross through a rainbow
The Render awaits his sword
Will he grant it death?

Filamena said...

Super Hero Dating
Alice caught in the center
Sex in a cape, really?

clindsay said...

Filamena -

You broke the syllable-count rule. Try again.

raballard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beth said...

Girl wants the magic--
She'll give anything for it.
...can she pay the price?

raballard said...

We have your mother

Computer screen left, unread

You're next, Beware!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

dazed by wildwinds
girl rejects pageant values
beauty: the town slut.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Teen sees the future
She is scared by what she sees
But can she change it?

Anonymous said...

Author's first novel.
Unexpected marriage and
Brother's treachery.

(You already rejected it and I haven't rewritten it enough to have a prayer of resubmission, but I didn't want to pass up a chance at haiku! *grin*)

Heather said...

Are people who received honorable mention in the Twitter contest eligible?

The Screaming Guppy said...

Tough lady wrangler
Fights zombie gladiators
To conquer world’s fear

Kristin Laughtin said...

How fun!

Child weapon escapes
Befriended by survivor
'Til truth wreaks ruin

LindaR said...

she has a good womb
after the apocalypse
he wants it real bad

Criss said...

"What if I'd had it?"
Gwynn sees what life would have been
with unwanted child.

KjM said...

We abducted two,
but cannot see any thoughts.
They have friends! Now what?

Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

I don't think I've done this since eleventh grade, heaven help me. Here goes!

"Grief gives way to strength.
Lovers seek new paths to find
Old divinity."

Thanks for the mental challenge, Ms. Lindsay.


Jenn Nixon said...

Royal Guardian,
exiled from her planet,
struggles to survive.

Filamena said...

clindsay, quite right.

Superhero love
Alice caught in the middle
Sex in a cape, huh?

Michelle H. said...

Mean theater actress
Grim Reaper is janitor

Megs said...

Girl sees dead dog, but
needs to hear him to stop witch.
The hermit can help.

*** That was hard!

Katherine E. Hazen said...

Quetzalcoatl cult,
Two Paranormal PI's,
Death toll is rising.

Robert Young said...

When it rains it pours,
Now that he controls the earth.
Karma is a bitch.

L.C. Gant said...

Good Shifter meets bad
Faces change, gauntlets are thrown
Which one will switch sides?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Corpses in the wood?
Harold will investigate
after brewing tea.

stephanie said...

Magic's First Daughter,
the Church's Champ - doomed love midst
urban fantasy.

tcastleb said...

Cross-dressing rent boy
wants man to love and girl's voice
in head to shut up.

Scott said...

Margaritas? Check!
Fairy Godmother, Absent!
What's A Man To Do?

Sharon Gerlach said...

With tequila and
sarcasm, Fran copes with love and
office politics.

Barbara Early said...

Wendy's to-do list:
Cater wake... Watch victim's kids...
Catch the murderer.

Pablo said...

Sole teen character
Desolate wild Alaska
His quest to survive

Anthony said...

Future cop has a
Libido pump on the fritz
Now she looks at girls

kathy said...

Staid Kentucky girl
Two vampires, three friends, one Dick
Bring laughter, love, death

Lee Wind said...

Under our Oceans
Worlds, Monsters, and Two Gay Teens
Battle to Survive

Anonymous said...

Seeing stars at noon,
A ghost, a lying lover?
One stellar headache!

Anonymous said...

A demon wants life
And steals warmth from a woman
She searches for help

Makenna Held said...

coming of age sucks
small town girl, meets big city
oi! subway mishaps.

Anonymous said...

The Call was foul
But in the Response; the truth
Demons could not hide.

Laura said...

Geek boy, surfer girl
Cosmic Freaky Friday tale
Nightmares turn to dreams

Dragonkid said...

Darkness is safety.
The sun is starting to rise.
Can Nate make it set?

A.Luka said...

catcher in the rye
mixed with teen pregnancy and

acpaul said...

Murder in the streets
Self-aware temple oh my
Dark Lord not at fault

dweller said...

Three sons of angels
Two Mercenary armies
One love in summer

Anonymous said...

Jaded Cambion
Battles with her very own
Father to survive

Anonymous said...

Teen roadtrips to find
dead brother’s girlfriend. Shock!
Finds boyfriend instead.

~suki (who can't remember her google/blogger password)

jawajames said...

Agent gets query:
"Cos bitch, yur gonna love this"
Writer gets the deal!

Amber J said...

This was really fun!

Dear new, weird family,
I saw your van disappear
Sure hope I’m not next.

Chanelley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wedding_Skulls said...

McCarthy's 'the road'
told by snarky metalhead
with viking longsword

Chanelley said...

Posted twice:
I have joined a war
Against my dead lover’s kind
Because I see ghosts

sunandshadow said...

Maturation stuck
Tattoos are contagious
Be brave, take a risk!

I don't have a query to be critted, so in the unlikely event that this wins, please give that to someone else :)

Anonymous said...

Daughter of evil,
Parents wish to rule world,
Can she find boyfriend?

MetalDog said...

Carjacked by Hunger
She thinks he's crazy, until
She meets his master

AngelyJSF said...

Windows made from tears-
An impassable prison.
Can Lith make a door?

Anonymous said...

Dhampire tempted;
trust the angel or the vamp?
Is it life or love?

Nathan said...

Pre-teen author writes!11!!!11!!
Nobel Prize, surely a lock
Miss this chance? You'll die. :(

pjd said...

gold rush teen orphaned
finds what her dad's killers want
must grow up real fast

Mikey said...

Before he blossomed,
A bud was plucked from his bed,
All the flowers weep.

Anonymous said...

A demon unleashed
To consume all innocents.
It was all a trap.

Fathercrow said...

When Jesus awakes
He finds himself in Deep Space
Without a rocket

Heidi C. Vlach said...

Fly, aging dragon
To the aid of plague-sick friends
Reader's heart soars, too

jjdebenedictis said...

A vampire must save
humanity's sanity
from crazy angel

jjdebenedictis said...

(Ya didn't put an upper limit on the number of entries. So.)

Reality show
run by vampires: immortal
or impaled you'll be

Jamie said...

Too late, wish comes true
in the worst possible way
Stupid irony!

Anonymous said...

my idea is great
it's Potter meets Da Vinci
when is my book tour?

Kim Matthon said...

Ooh. *cracks fingers and gives it a whirl*

Cyberpunk novel
Assassins and corruption
Manuscript complete

Anonymous said...

Vampires and slayers
fight for immortality
in World War One trenches

tilt190 said...

She's always been scarred
and he is just as twisted;
They both need to heal.

Matera the Mad said...

Young shaman in a bind
runs toward death, trips over life.
Laughing, he kicks ass.

Matera the Mad said...

Blast, I copied the wrong one. It should be:

Shaman in a bind
runs toward death, trips over life.
Laughing, he kicks ass.

Nic Brown said...

Werewolf in Bluegrass
Fights demonic horsey set
Can he break the curse?

Nobilis said...

They flee conscription
In starships that run on sex
Foul secret, young hearts

Seeley deBorn said...

Norman soldier lies
Welsh princess weds and beds him
Just as granny planned

Anonymous said...

Stranded on planet
Vampire must not provoke mob
Yet she’s paranoid

Julie Butcher-Fedynich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie Butcher-Fedynich said...

New start for hero
Received helpful rejection
You don't want it yet

***That made my eyes cross

Dave Veri said...

Singer’s lover loss
incites eating disorder,
finds hope in a song.

Mags said...

Mack’s Pawn. Gun duct taped
to her hand. Jane steals far more
than she’d bargained for.

Denise said...

Fell into a drain
Best pal and skateboard in tow
And what we found there!

Josh said...

Prophet versus Cook
Who stays in kitchen and gives
Rude gesture to Fate.

(another version sure to come, unless a limit is stated)

Denise said...

Fell into a drain
Best pal and skateboard in tow
And what we found there!

Anonymous said...

What the hell am I doing?
I really don't know
Throw in trash

Mags said...

Or, perhaps in lieu
of query, a nice twenty
dollar bill? And pie?

hannah said...

Brother has nightmares
Boyfriend has low self-esteem
Dustin has headache

hannah said...

(and a different book)

Big bro's an angel
Surprise! So is your girlfriend.
You're just the witness.

Dama Negra said...

Messenger of god
Trying to speak, but finding
The world is now deaf

Dara said...

She of two cultures
Past shadowed in secrecy
True terror unknown

Sage said...

Seven Deadly Sins
Stand between love-drainer and
Her crush. Well..., crushes.

Linda Austin said...

Poor Japanese girl
Sings sakura but bombs fall
There is love in war

Anonymous said...

Flash mob rendezvous
and small town retribution
drive her to the aisle.

Mimi said...

Wedding day a fraud
She stole everything but him
Revenge wasn't sweet

Kat said...

Dying girl meets death
Wants a second chance at life
But is it worth it?

Technosiren said...

The second attic
stole my mother, sealed me in
this house without age.

Dina said...

Damn it, Jim, I'm a
Novelist not a poet,
Letter I will write.

Lisa E. said...

Robin falls in love
To the great displeasure of
Voices in her head

~Jamie said...

My Dad owns Big Oil
Now he's giving it to me
I can't handle this

Anonymous said...

Dead bride on the run
Servant of a whore joins in
To release the spell

liss n kids said...

tarot teaches Cole
to mind her own damn business.
will she learn to paint?

liss n kids said...

on the road Anna
finds proof of god and loses
her virginity.

Chris Cade said...

Spiritual book
Plans to enlighten the world.
Requires publisher.

Christine said...

Thought and form collide
Sane or crazy – who can tell
Her fear consumes all


Maija Haavisto said...

It is a shame that a literary agent does not know what a haiku is. It has _nothing_ to do with "5-7-5". Haiku is a form of poetry expressing awe about the nature. As a haiku writer I'm appalled by the way popular culture has mangled my favorite form of poetry into something which it certainly isn't, and it's especially appalling when it's done by such a "professional".

Kim said...

Faithful just found out
Rapture already happened
Oh shit what is next

Jinx said...

Ok, I'll try this, but I'm not the best at it.

Demon turns hunter
after falling from Hell, and
brings apocalypse

And Maija? I believe she said "in haiku format."

Anonymous said...

Fun contest! :)


I shouldn't exist
But I do. Damn my parents.
Hope I can survive.

Anthony said...

Maija in comments
Does not work well with others
Has comment issues

Lyn said...

Vamp-born blood will out
Emotions destroy your life
Trust no relative

Anonymous said...

Vampire broke one fang
Cops seize it smiling picture
Dentists list in hands


Sarah said...

Zack fails at life when
He must save the world and starts

Sary said...

Girl with autism
gets obsessed with an old house
her parents once owned.

Ann Victor said...

Rage, ambition, greed.
Three women make a choice and
Change their world to love.

Jabez said...

Civil War widow
meets meteorologist.
Love blooms, secrets fall.

Sarah Garrigues said...

Comrade, lover lost
Test limits of man's restraint
Safe with war brothers

Sir John said...

Prada, Gucci, Cartier;
spoils of a successful life--
the cost of lost love

Pierre Roustan said...

Vampire hunter sees
the truth of all vampires past
and must make a choice....

Vieva said...

Curse/Breakpoint, a lass
curs'd with pain from touch, finds love
while avenging lies

Anonymous said...

A rockstar waits, hiding
she has no spells and cannot see
demons in the green leaves

pauljessup said...

Maija Haavisto -
You are confusing the western concept of a haiku with the traditional Japanese Haiku (which cannot really be translated, since they are based on Japanese word structures and not english based syllables)

So really, you complaining about how the your beloved poetry has been absconded is a fallacy- what you are practicing (if it IS in English and not Japanese) has nothing to do with traditional Haiku's in the first place, which are specifically built around the Japanese language.

Thea Miller Ryan said...

Chicago mayor
hurts a child, K. breaks the news
mayor wants her dead

Adam Heine said...

Cowardly Hagai
needs to find his dead mother.
Pirates aren't helping.

ElanaJ said...

Hot immortal seeks:
Heartbeat, girlfriend, acceptance
Inquire within

Carmen said...

Candace has a list
Man one gets checks. Man two, few.
“Right” or “Right-For-Her?”

terri said...

New face of terror,
The one with the modest veil,
"Ashes of Roses . . ."

Verify word 'forsesse'

John Zeleznik said...

Friends split asunder
Winter's wind brings new discord
Destiny revealed

Anonymous said...

Secret pride of cats
teach kits chase tails,pounce shadows
Human friends they need

Marcia said...

Faith as an onion.
How much can I discard and
still have something left?

Laura said...

Road blood ripens, girl
Leaves rusty decided life,
Discovers true love

Anonymous said...

Ghost and dream walker
Both haunt empath Jade nightly
Jealous ghost attacks

Virtual Ta'Enfir said...

Fire god wants vengeance.
Can a crippled slave really...
save the world from doom?

(Can we do more than one?)

Virtual Ta'Enfir said...

(What the heck. Here's another. Same book)

Brokeback Mongols fight
against dark treachery for
freedom and for love.

inky said...

Can a stolen book
of spells for raising the dead
give a girl a life?

Anonymous said...

"It's about Love! O-
vercoming all obstacles."
Wait, that's Moulin Rouge.

Hollan said...

Forgotten by all,
A boy and girl look for home.
Memory slipping.

Anonymous said...

girl destined to die
befriends serial killer
wicked desert laughs

teennovelist said...

Girl turns into frog
Must kiss princess to transform
Dissection is near

orkeed said...

Circus life is cool,
But Emma wishes she could
Hang out with humans.

miessn said...

Whatever you've heard,
I'm not a supervillain.
They just sign my checks.

pjd said...

LOL @teennovelist... I hope yours is selected. I want to see the whole query.

Anonymous said...

Death nabs the wrong girl
loose ends tie in knots, not bows
go home again, ghost.

Rhonda Parrish said...

Vampires in the church,
Cursed elves and sentient shadows,
Who's a girl to trust?

Tochi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Devil arrives
Saying that God lost His bet
His children believe

Mags said...

Sarah Feb 18
at 6:49 am's
query did amuse.

J. M. Strother said...

When partner is shot,
The Seven Stages of Grief
Bring little comfort.

Melinda said...

Teen girl loves cursed boy
Impossible, his touch kills
Cult wants his power

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Daddy a killer
Now tagged and hunted, must ask:
What makes a demon?

Anonymous said...

one mother, three hearts:
the grief of the octopus
is incidental

Michelle said...

Underneath a smile
His life is falling apart
She had to save him.

Anonymous said...

Friends get cool powers
To battle ancient evil
Then wait fifteen years

Michelle said...

oops, typo. It's supposed to read *has*.

laurel wanrow said...

Seaside mage enclave
Sailing, beach walks, saving whales
Stir up sparks and love

The Kensai said...

To rescue her soul
the five spies of the Shogun
Shinji must defeat

JohnOBX said...

Stalker in the woods,
four legs or two? Who or what
Is that behind you?

Jenn said...

Quiet for three days,
Mirra seeks magic to keep
from disappearing

wonderer said...

New job at odd store
brings signs of vanished sister,
magic in young son

Tochi said...

Atheist swordsman
Fights off the missionaries –
Will God punish him?

Anonymous said...

Dave Veri:

Singer’s lover loss
incites pizza addiction
finds hope in a song.

Anonymous said...

New shape-shifter life
School is tough, but friends are made
One's shot, one is saved

Anonymous said...

Merlin's heir finds love.
Magic, might, madness collide.
Destiny rules all.

Margay said...

Anime crazy
Asperger Girl does not do
Well in the real world

Finch said...

Will you buy my book?
It's Epic in Proportion,
Fraught with Great Peril.

Serenissima said...

After near-drowning
Woman gives birth to mermaid
Spouse finds it fishy

Anonymous said...

First contact was wrong
Beast and ship fight oppression
Love lost for new world

Anonymous said...

So! Real worlds, man made
Stuck, epic quest for release
Fantasy holds hopes

Anonymous said...

Petro chem nightmare
French Canadians save world
Well, not the whole world

150 said...

A ha ha, Serenissima ftw. :)

(Word ver: baches. We don't need no stinkin' baches!)

Tree said...

Unwitting weapon.
Ally’s alter ego used
By sisters to kill.

Kandybar said...

A witch and princess
Find friendship strained by evil
And social stigma

One per person, correct?

Smiling Ted said...

For spells of your own
You gave all that you had. Now-
You're the sacrifice.

Caitlynn said...

Long-forgotten curse:
Wings of shadow, wings of light.
Which will she awake?

Melissa said...

Hopefully I got the syllable count right:

Knights of Roundtable
Reborn as New Jersey teens
Learn past, save future

Anonymous said...

Exiled princess must
marry enemy and hide
magic or be killed.

Laurel Wanrow said...

Boys, wings, wildflowers
Family secrets, sweet love
Unearthing magic

Nancy Kay Bowden said...

no broke your dad's heart
all was lost, so choose the friend who
accepts the way you are

Anonymous said...

Navy wife finds she
died in other dimension –
uh-oh, world is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Born with healing touch,
but now her powers are gone.
How will she survive?





Heather said...

Imagined friend real?
Old flame best unignited?
Bend time and find out.

Alice said...

Beijing Opera Ghost
Haunts harp therapist for cats.
Wails: "Murder, dumb egg!"

Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Shy girl sells antiques,
doesn't think vampires exist.
They still want her blood.

Christine said...

Girl saves endangered
mom, unicorns, and schizo
leprechauns from hunt

RS Garcia said...

Girl dies in clinic
Alien gives her back life
Must find her past and killers

CB said...

A jump to his death
Grandfather’s spirit bestows
The reasons to live

Holly said...

Mortal muse has chance
at immortality if
slacker author writes.

Dr. Laurie said...

Fatherhood failure
revisits past holidays-
Soul is awakened!

Dr. Laurie said...

Sigh,farting dragon,
only companion:TV.
Befriended,solves mysteries!

Dr. Laurie said...

Racist jerk blinded
in snowy accident--ow!
Black doc heals his soul...

Dr. Laurie said...

Car wreck kills daughter.
Grief torments Mom,til--
Teen writes from heaven!

Anonymous said...

Four brothers murdered,
Dark Lord seems victorious...
Boys reborn, avenge!

Dr. Laurie said...

ADHD sucks
'til we understand ourselves.
Learn. Embrace. Succeed!

Dr. Laurie said...

Middle School is hell--
Jock 'n Jill jungle...
Survival handbook.

Alan Summers said...

Good luck on the contest everyone!

Just a couple of published '575' haiku:

dirty train window–
swans leave the rising river
for flooded fields

across city downs
the moon not yet a quarter
a circus lights up

all my best,

The With Words International Haiku Competition 2009


Dr. Laurie said...

Mascot for Jesus--
Lion, Leopard, Lynx?
Shocking choice made!

Dr. Laurie said...

Crummy angel choirs--
yuck view of heaven!
Upgrade image now!

Eva Chapman said...

Crones’ hair drips despair.

Spears smashed, dreams dashed, egos bashed.

Hope springs, future sings.

Dr. Laurie said...

Two "Dear Santa" notes,
one homeless, one rich.
Reality check.

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