Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Writer Jackie Kessler steps onto the Query-Go-Round!

Over at Deadline Dames, writer Jackie Kessler, author of the paranormal romance Hell's Belles, has a wonderful post up about the query writing process. She shares her own query for Hell's Belles and thoughtfully dissects each paragraph. It's part one of a query writing workshop she just gave at RWA; she'll be posting parts two and three soon, so stay tuned!

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Scott said...

Thanks! At least I finally know what I'm doing wrong with my own query! : )

The genre part always trips me up. Is it literary or commercial fiction? Is it a combination of both? How do I present that in a letter? Oh, and then I have the comment from the Secret Agent from Miss Snark's First Victim latest contest: . . . the set up feels typically chick lit but yet the narrator is a gay man . . . interesting. So, is there a new category called 'gay lit' that I knew nothing about?? Aaaaggghhhh!

Anyhow, thanks so much for the link. The information is a gold mine and should help me hone my query to the ultimate perfection so that no agent can resist!!! Ha!