Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are small LGBT publishers invisible to agents?

Periodically here at FinePrint, we go through and scrub our marvelous - and usually comprehensive - list of publishers/editors by category. The past few days I've been going through those categories in which I'm most interested: SF/F, YA, Comics, Paranormal Romance, Pop Culture and LGBT. And guess what? Either there aren't very many LGBT publishers out there, or our database is woefully lacking. I suspect it may be the latter, simply because there wasn't anyone here actively seeking out manuscripts in that category before I got here.

And I know for a fact that there are dozens - if not hundreds - of great little LGBT presses out there.

Now I'll be the first to admit: we agents generally prefer to try to submit to those publishers who pay an advance to authors. After all, we pay our rent and eat based upon the commission we get on those advances. Royalties are always nice but it's tough to wait eighteen to twenty-four months to see any income from a manuscript sale, for both author and agent. And a lot of the smaller LGBT presses simply don't pay advances.


Sometimes it's just the right fit for a book. So don't believe that all agents discount the small LGBT presses.

So if you own, work for, or are published by a great LGBT press that you think more people need to know about, please feel free to email me directly and give me the 411 on your publisher. (And don't be shy about pimping your press in the comments field!)


Janice Beley said...

We are small press out of Vancouver, BC and we do quite a few LGBT titles.
Sarah Schulman, Ivan E. Coyote, Lawrence Schimel and Richard Labonte, Larry Duplechan, Thomas Waugh to only name a few.

@Arsenalpulp (I'm Janice Beley and I'm the marketing director)

Anonymous said...

Well, I own a small LGBT press. We're POD so sales are small, but we have been awarded honors. We specialize in spirituality and spec fic.

Steve Berman
Lethe Press

PS: Oh, and you can get a great list of small presses by perusing the finalists for the Lammie Awards.

Laura said...

Let me pimp away!

I own a small print (and ebook) press, MLR Press, LLC. We publish gay mystery, erotic romance and some erotica. We're young (starting our third year), POD and growing.

We publish Richard Stevenson's Donald Strachey Mystery series, Victor J. Banis' Deadly series, P.A. Brown's LA HEAT series, Josh Lanyon's Adrien English mystery series, and top M/M erotic romance authors James Buchanan, Laura Baumbach, Jet Mykles, JL Langley, Ally Blue, and 30 other equally accomplished talents.

At present we have 2 titles as Lambda Finalists, HARD WORKING MEN and MEXICAN HEAT.

I'm Laura Baumbach, Author and Publisher. I also own, a four year old marketing co-op of authors of GLBT romance and fiction.

Sara Nassrine said...

I recently discovered this website:

I think it might be helpful. Under the "links" section, there are links to nine different LGBT publishers. In addition, furthering the publication of books on LGBT themes, or simply by LGBT authors is their thing... I haven't gotten a membership yet because it's $40, but apparently it's tax deductible, so that's something. :)

Anonymous said...

I just recently bought Ginn Hale's Wicked Gentlemen which is published by Blind Eye Books and actually had a tough time getting my hands on it, because it was only sold through, no Barnes&Noble, other distributors or even foreign amazon sites.

And as a writer of LGBT SFF I'm really glad that more agents are interested in LGBT queries. Lots of thanks and appreciation to you! :)

Heather Massey said...

I'm not a small press, but I blogged about ones that release LGBT SF/m/m SF with romantic elements here.

Hope that's okay to mention!