Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Temporarily closed to submissions

This is a heads up: As of today, I'm temporarily closed to submissions.

I've reached saturation point on the crazy increase in the quantity of queries, and I need a chance to get caught up as well as some breathing room to sort through and respond to the shameful number of wonderful partials and fulls I've requested. (#agentfail #agentfail #agentfail!)

So please take note: Any queries received after Thursday, March 19th will be deleted unread. I'm not holding onto anything. (This doesn't apply to those of you from whom I've requested materials or whom I've invited to requery after revisions.) All queries received PRIOR to Thursday, March 19th will be absolutely be read and responded to.

When I'm open to submissions again, I'll post here. (It'll probably be about a month.) In the meantime, I recommend that you keep querying widely both my great colleagues at FinePrint as well as all of my other blogging agent colleagues. (Just remember to look at their submission guidelines!)