Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Watchmen in Context: A Lecture at MoCCA

If you're a Watchmen fan and you live in the New York City-area, you're invited to join us at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art tomorrow night where my client Peter Sanderson, comic historian extraordinaire, will be giving a lecture called The Watchmen in Context. The lecture starts at 7:00 PM and costs a measly $5 to get in (free if you're a MoCCA member!). Peter is the co-curator of the Art of Watchmen exhibit that's showing at MoCCA through May 2, 2009.
What: The Watchmen in Context
When: Thursday, March 19th, 7pm
Where: MoCCA, 594 Broadway, Suite 401, New York City

The Art of Watchmen co-curator, comics historian Peter Sanderson, will deliver a lecture that will serve as a guided tour through all twelve issues of the original Watchmen comics series. Sanderson will reveal how Watchmen's creators take character types and storylines from traditional superhero stories and adapt them to convey the book's themes. Pointing out Watchmen's allusions to real world events, Sanderson will show how Watchmen requires the readers to rexamine the proper role of the superhero in fiction--and of America as a real world superpower. "Watchmen in Context" will explore how this classic graphic novel juxtaposes different ways of viewing existence and asks the readers to choose among them.


crossoverwriter said...

Wow, wish I could be there--Sounds like an awesome event. I'll be doing the college visiting thing in Michigan & Ohio with my son. The Watchmen movie was better than expected, though spotty--brilliant, funny but then some corny moments. Just bought my copy of The Watchmen, the graphic novel.
I wish your client the best of luck with the event.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Watchmen fan. Love the graphic novel, can't wait to see the movie. Wish I could be in New York City for the lecture.