Wednesday, June 3, 2009

David Eddings has passed away.

SFWA and SFcrowsnest are both reporting that fantasy author David Eddings has passed away.

Rest in peace, David. Your books made a difference to millions of young readers over the past thirty years; you will be missed.


Edit to add: David's UK publisher, Jane Johnson, talks about him in The Bookseller.


Scott said...

Another loss to the writing world. I love his books. I did a marathan read of the entire Belgariad/Mallorean (sp??) series last summer. I love those books.


anniegirl1138 said...

Oh, how sad. I love his work.

ryan field said...

Sad. I like his work.

Cathy in AK said...

His were some of the first fantasy novels I read and re-read. Amazing stuff.

annarkie said...

I am really depressed to hear this. What made it worse was I just discovered his wife, Leigh (who co-wrote with him) had passed away a couple years ago. I wish I would've known.
Polgara the Sorceress was my all-time favorite of the Eddings books.

Christine said...

THE BELGARIAD was one of the first series I ever read and made such an impact on me as a writer. I pretty much got all choked up when I learned that he had passed away.

Rest in peace, Mr. Eddings.

the wanderer said...

I'm so shocked! I can't believe he was that old. He will surely be missed.