Sunday, July 12, 2009

Help Aaron Allston out with his medical bills, please!

Aaron Allston is best known for the long string of New York Times-bestselling Star Wars novels that he's written for Del Rey Books. He's also a game designer and an independent filmmaker. I know him as an incredibly sweet guy who tells good jokes, has a penchant for bad Hawaiian shirts and likes to give great bear hugs.

A couple of months ago, while in the middle of a book tour, Aaron suffered a massive heart attack and had to have emergency quadruple-bypass surgery. Aaron's heart problems were compounded by the fact that he is a diabetic. You can read the details here. Although Aaron came through his surgery and rehab with flying colors, he's now faced with a new dilemma: Like many writers, Aaron has no health insurance. His medical bills are staggering and he needs our help.

The Fandom Association of Central Texas has set up The Aaron Allston Donation Fund and Auction, a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to collect donations for Aarons' medical bills. In addition, they are seeking items to auction off to raise money. If you can donate an item for the auction (which will take place on July 19th) or if you make even a small donation, please consider doing so. And please help his friends spread the word!


Rebecca Knight said...

Thanks for letting us know! I am trying to spread the word, and posted about it on my blog:

The no health insurance thing happened to a family member of mine who went bankrupt because of it. I'm so glad someone decided to put this together for Mr. Allston.

Niilo said...

I empathize greatly with Aaron and totally understand his plight. I know exactly what it's like for this to happen. I fell ill in 2005 and was rushed into hospital with Necrotizing Pancreatitis, spending two months in hospital, having four major surgeries, and with no health insurance. We ended up having to file for bankruptcy owing more than $750K in medical bills. It was only through the support of friends and family, and the generosity of the wonderful community at that we were able to get through it all. I am passing the word on Twitter and Facebook and I wish Aaron all the best for a full recovery and a resolution to the problem of the medical costs. Good healthcare should be a right for all, not a privilege just for those who can afford it.

Josh said...

Spreading the word:

Carl Glover said...

Catastrophic medical insurance ( max out-of-pocket of $4,000 yearly, for example) can be had quite reasonably. is a good place to start. Otherwise, folks, it's Russian roulette, as this sad (and eminently avoidable) situation demonstrates.

khonmanrak said...