Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you!

To the mysterious unknown person(s) responsible for nominating The Swivet for Best Publishing/Industry Blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, thank you!

But I have my own list of favorite Publishing/Industry Blogs, so if these folks are nominated, I say go vote for one (or all!) of them, because they're invaluable resources to writers and readers, and frankly, they all talk about their cats a whole lot less than I do:
  • Best Agent Blog: A tie between Jessica Faust's Bookends Blog and Rachelle Gardner's Rants & Ramblings. Both are must-reads for me everyday.
  • Best Editor Blog: Hands down, the best insight into how an editor's thought process works and what his or her day is like is to be found in Moonrat's hilarious Editorial Ass blog. I never miss this one!
  • Best Book Review Blog: My favorite place to go for reviews and features on books that aren't your everyday fare is Colleen Mondor's wonderful Chasing Ray.
  • Best New General Publishing-Related Blog: Undoubtedly my favorite new industry blog is Follow the Reader, hosted by Charlotte Abbott and Kat Meyer. Here you'll find in-depth interviews and feature-length pieces about challenges the book and publishing are facing.
Those are just a few at the top of my list. What are some of your favorite book industry-related blogs?


MitMoi said...

I'm really enjoying reading The Intern and The Rejectionist to see what it's like to be an assistant.

Much like your blog, there's lots of good information at Nathan Bransford .

To get my editing act together I like the clear examples used by Alica and Theresa at Edittorrent and finally I think one of the newest bloggers within the industry is Eric at Pimp My Novel

and I'm sure that's more than enough out of me!

Debra L Martin said...

I also read The Intern, Rejectionist and Pimp My Novel. Pub Rants by agent Kristin Nelson is great too.

One of the best query critiquing sites is Query Shark run by Janet Reid. Her agent blog is great, full of snark!

moonrat said...

::blush:: why thank you! and congrats!!