Monday, November 23, 2009

This is how excellent comic books are made! (And how you can help!)

Some of you may be familiar with DC Comics' online venture Zuda Comics, where new comic artists and writers can create web comics and post them online in a monthly competition for a chance to win a contract to complete a full comic online. Think of it as the American Idol of comic book creators (only without Simon Cowell's snark or chest hair). Readers get to vote on the comic they like best.

So why am I telling you this? Because my client Niki Smith, illustrator extraordinaire, has teamed up with the equally amazing storyteller Mike Jasper to create a kick-ass 8-page comic called IN MAPS AND LEGENDS that is being featured in Zuda's current contest for November. And right now? They're ranked at NUMBER ONE!

I'd like to keep them there, and help them win a contract for a full run of their comic. So I'm asking for your help! Go read IN MAPS AND LEGENDS and then vote!

Here's a painless guide for voting on Zuda!

  1. Register on
  2. Verify the account via your email.
  3. Sign into your account at Zuda and select IN MAPS AND LEGENDS
  4. Read the comic! (Because it is made of AWESOME!)
  5. To the right of the comic, just press the VOTE button, rate the comic five stars and ‘add as favorite.’ The vote is by far the most important of these three things. And leave a comment to let Niki and Mike know what you think.
  6. Spread the word before the end of November!
Niki and Mike have also been posting extras on their both of their website sitesincluding promotional art and a step-by-step process of the first page of the comic, from script to finished art. They've also also got a Facebook Fan Page set up!

So what're ya waiting for? GO VOTE!


Niki Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the news, Colleen! :)

CKHB said...

In Maps & Legends DID get my vote... and I am now hooked on 3 other comics as well. What a great site!

Portuguese cunt said...

Thank you thank you! I am so gad you posted the info for this site!

michaeljasper said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this great info about MAPS & LEGENDS, Colleen.

If anyone's curious, this is THE DAY to go to the Zuda site, read, and VOTE! (And make us a favorite, give us stars, leave a comment, all that good stuff). The competition is heating up, and every vote DOES count!

Also, we're trying to hit 1,000 Favorites by 5 p.m. EST today -- we're at 850 right now.


Inkygirl said...

Thanks for posting this info. Great comic! I voted. :-)

sanjeet said...

I am now hooked on 3 other comics as well. What a great site!

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sanjeet said...

I am now hooked on 3 other comics as well. What a great site!

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