Saturday, November 28, 2009

And the winner of the Kelly Gay/Alan DeNiro book set is:

Chris Kammerud!

Congratulations, Chris! You've won a copy of Kelly Gay's THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS and Alan DeNiro's TOTAL OBLIVION, MORE OR LESS! Email me your mailing address, please, so I can get those out to you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Release Day to Alan DeNiro & Kelly Gay! (And win a set of both books!)

Today is the official release day for Kelly Gay's THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS and Alan DeNiro's TOTAL OBLIVION, MORE OR LESS. Congratulations, Alan and Kelly!

To celebrate, I'm giving away a set of both books to one lucky Swivet reader in the United States!

To enter, just leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner via a random number generator on Friday, November 27th!

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is how excellent comic books are made! (And how you can help!)

Some of you may be familiar with DC Comics' online venture Zuda Comics, where new comic artists and writers can create web comics and post them online in a monthly competition for a chance to win a contract to complete a full comic online. Think of it as the American Idol of comic book creators (only without Simon Cowell's snark or chest hair). Readers get to vote on the comic they like best.

So why am I telling you this? Because my client Niki Smith, illustrator extraordinaire, has teamed up with the equally amazing storyteller Mike Jasper to create a kick-ass 8-page comic called IN MAPS AND LEGENDS that is being featured in Zuda's current contest for November. And right now? They're ranked at NUMBER ONE!

I'd like to keep them there, and help them win a contract for a full run of their comic. So I'm asking for your help! Go read IN MAPS AND LEGENDS and then vote!

Here's a painless guide for voting on Zuda!

  1. Register on
  2. Verify the account via your email.
  3. Sign into your account at Zuda and select IN MAPS AND LEGENDS
  4. Read the comic! (Because it is made of AWESOME!)
  5. To the right of the comic, just press the VOTE button, rate the comic five stars and ‘add as favorite.’ The vote is by far the most important of these three things. And leave a comment to let Niki and Mike know what you think.
  6. Spread the word before the end of November!
Niki and Mike have also been posting extras on their both of their website sitesincluding promotional art and a step-by-step process of the first page of the comic, from script to finished art. They've also also got a Facebook Fan Page set up!

So what're ya waiting for? GO VOTE!

Friday, November 6, 2009

*Starred* Booklist review for Alan DeNiro's TOTAL OBLIVION, MORE OR LESS

This is an amazing - and thoughtful - review:

For 16-year-old Macy, the whole world has gone crazy, quite literally. Barbarians from antiquity have invaded America, while bizarre plagues and impossibly shifting landscapes ravage her Minnesota homeland. Together with her parents, sister, brother, and a possibly evil dog, Macy sets out down the Mississippi on an adventure that takes her into the smoldering ruins of St. Louis, aboard a wooden submarine that’s bigger on the inside than outside, and finally into the stone-skyscraper capital of Nueva Roma. All the while she dodges oil-men turned slavers, plague-instigating wasps, an albino bounty hunter, and, perhaps most dangerous of all, her scheming younger brother. DeNiro (who flaunted a knack for offhand SF oddness in Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, 2006) makes sure never to do anything as dull as explaining what the heck is going on—we simply accept that the world has become a surreal, historical landscape come to life and move on. He drops in so many tantalizingly inspired touches—the new (old?) empire considers Post-it notes a precious natural resource—that leaving his inside-out America at the end is almost painful. There aren’t many writers who take weirdness as seriously as DeNiro does, and fewer still who can extract so much grounded emotion, gut-dropping humor, and rousing adventure from it. A dizzying display of often brilliant, always strange, and definitely unique storytelling. — Ian Chipman
Seriously, if you haven't preordered this book yet, well...why the hell not?