Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guest Blogger Alan DeNiro hits the road for a good cause: Mercy Corps!

My client Alan DeNiro is hitting the road down South for his book Total Oblivion, More or Less. He'll be appearing at the prestigious Virginia Festival of the Book through March 21st, and then moving on to Richmond, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Asheville. (Check out the full list of appearances here.) Alan asked me if he could talk to Swivet readers a little bit about how his tour ties into fundraising for a cause that he is extremely passionate about, the amazing organization Mercy Corps. But I'll let Alan tell you all about it...
Thanks, first of all, to my super-agent for allowing me to post here for a little bit. I'm really excited to be hitting the road for an extended period of time in Virginia and North Carolina. So if you are in Charlottesville, Richmond, Chapel Hill, Charlotte or Asheville (or thereabouts), check out my appearances page for dates and drop by my reading!

One of the great things about giving readings, among many, is meeting people where they live, in their communities. I know personally that I can lodge myself in front of a computer for ungodly amounts of time--both in my day job and my "nights and weekend job" (i.e., writing). But to get out there in the literal and figurative sunshine can be huge recharge and recentering experience. It sounds pretty basic but can have huge dividends for one of the key benefits of writing and publishing: making connections between different human beings.

One other thing that I wanted to do is a real-life extension of what I've been doing online and that is fundraising for Mercy Corps. This blog post talks a little bit about the online efforts, but essentially: Mercy Corps is a fantastic organization that works all around the world to better the lives of ordinary people. (In particular, you can read about what Mercy Corps is doing in Haiti.)

And since Total Oblivion (albeit in a fabulist manner) has a great deal to do with displaced people and refugees in crisis, I wanted to use the tiny platform of the book to perhaps make a real-life impact.

So anyone that happens to come by one of my readings and makes a donation of at least $5 will receive an impromptu micro-story written for them--then and there!--set in the world of Total Oblivion, More or Less.

I'll also take requests--if you want a few sentences about your uncle, your dog, whatever... I can do that. And you don't even need to buy a copy of the book (although if you DO, I'd be more than happy to inscribe it in the pages therein).

Of course I'm still fundraising online as well, so if you can't make it you can still participate and I will send you a little story either by email or postcard!

Thanks all and have a wonderful spring!

-- Alan DeNiro


Lisa Iriarte said...

So, when can we get you down in Florida?

My parents live near Asheville. I might try to send them by.

Nancy Naigle said...

Perfect timing for being in Virginia and Carolina. . . the weather is fabulous.

The Festival of Books promises to be amazing. I'm sure you'll have a positive day.

Victoria Dixon said...

Very cool, Alan!

JohnO said...

Huzzah, Alan. I'll echo his sentiments about Mercy Corps, which is based here in Portland, Oregon. They've been our company's go-to source for giving money after the 2005 Sri Lanka/Indonesia tsunami, and the Haiti earthquake. Heck, they do such good work, they're worth giving to year round.