Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random House forms new IP Creation and Development Group with Keith Clayton to head.

Don't know how we missed this news yesterday but...

Random House - which has always been smart and forward-thinking in the way they handle licensed media - has formed a brand-new transmedia intellectual property group. Transmedia is a catch-all term for story content that can be accessed through multiple media sources including video games, social networks on the web, mobile platforms, in print and on film, etc.

The new IP Creation and Development Group will be headed up by my good friend Keith Clayton, currently Random House's Director of Creative Development.

From the press release:
The group will also offer editorial services to media companies that will enhance the world-building and storylines of their already existing IP.

Utilizing its vast experience in bestselling storytelling and, in particular, the Del Rey imprint's extensive expertise in game-related genres such as science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and horror, the new Random House IP group is in a unique position to create complex storylines set in original worlds with fully imagined characters, world histories and geographies.
I'm thrilled for Keith and excited to see how this new way of looking at content will open up unexplored frontiers in storytelling.


Sarah said...

That is so cool, and so exciting that they've already partnered with Stardock. I foresee a lot of awesome projects in the near future.

Judith Engracia said...

video games + books = win!