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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wishful thinking, or query marathon over!

Well, I didn't quite make it to every query submitted prior to April 15th. But I did end up reading well over 200 queries this weekend. The rest will have to wait until after next weekend, as I'm going to focus on partials and manuscripts this week.

Patience, gang. There are only so many hours in a day and reading queries isn't the only thing I do.

What I did want to point out is this: of the 200+ queries I read this weekend, more than half of them bore no resemblance to an actual query letter. Meaning that it was apparent to me that little or no thought had gone into writing them. A fair number of them began with "Dear Sir or Madame". And three of them were simply letters telling me how totally awesome the writer's book was and could I please write back and tell them how to submit a query? (Dude, if you can't be bothered to Google me and find my submission guidelines, you really don't deserve a response.)


However, while I often share agent Nathan Bransford's dismay at the state of dreadful query letters I've been receiving, I do want to thank those of you who not only put real thought into writing your queries and pitches, but actually made a genuine effort to research my submission guidelines and personalize your query letters a little, too.

Maybe you think I don't notice. I do. Even if you received a rejection from me, I did notice all the effort that went into your query. And ultimately that effort is what will help you finally land the right agent for your project.

Okay, I need chocolate now. And I have to (shudder!) iron a pair of slacks for a meeting tomorrow. God help me, this is job forces me to iron! Whiskey tango foxtrot??? There oughta be a law...grumble grumble...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I think I just broke my own record for number of queries read in one sitting.

Seriously? I think I've just burned out my retinas. (Owwwwww.)
Queries read between noon and 6:20 PM EST: 93
Queries left in my inbox that still need to be read: 623
For those of you wondering, that would be 4.08 minutes per query. Not bad. If I continue to read at that speed (which I probably won't but what the heck, let's pretend), that means it would take me just over 42 straight hours to read the remaining queries.
::: blink blink :::
Of course, queries are not the only thing I have to read as an agent, so I won't actually have 42 straight hours to devote to this anytime soon. But I thought the numbers were impressive and wanted to share.

Back to the computer while I await the arrival of the esteemed Mr. Mumpsimus for dinner. (Yes, I actually tricked him into coming all the way into Brooklyn to have dinner with me and the boys. God, I'm good!)