Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sex in space. It's kinda hard. No pun intended.

Apparently, it is quite difficult to have sex in space. The weightlessness and all that. You kinda keep banging into walls and your fellow astronauts. No, really. Our tax dollars paid for the study. But the gals at Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels are pretty damned excited about the possibilities for future romance novels:
However, you can’t deny - that’s some seriously ripe (hur hur) plot basis for hawt erotica.

ESPECIALLY if the experiments involved 2 lithe astronaut men and some weightless buttsecks. Because what-what-in-the-butt + zero-Gs = WIN!
We couldn't agree more.

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Josh Jasper said...

A more nerdy concept would be to design furniture to facilitate sex in space. Something with adjustable hand-holds and padded cushions.

Still, oral sex might be so much easier in zero G, as long as people had something to brace on.