Monday, March 31, 2008

Kelley Eskridge: Executive. Novelist. Screenwriter.
Lesbian Go-Go Dancer.

Yes, you read that right! Skiffy writer extraordinaire Kelley Eskridge is now a bona fide go-go dancer at a lesbian nightclub in Seattle! And for a 47 year old woman, that's kinda hot!

I missed this news from my West Coast pal because she sent the email to an email address that I long ago abandoned to penis enlargement advertisements...which, in retrospect, has a certain kind of irony, considering the subject matter of this post. Upon my monthly checking of this account, I saw the email from Kelley. After falling over dead from awesome, I decided I had to pick myself up and share this, because this is about the coolest thing I've heard in weeks.

Kelley's dancing at a queer club called Neighbors on Seattle's Capitol Hilll ('natch!), at a regular dance party called Hot Flash Dances (I love this!), held on alternating Saturday nights from 5:30-9:30. Hot Flash, as the name would imply, caters to those of us who are no longer 20-something baby dykes. (Yes, in fact there are - GASP! - dykes over 40 who are still hot and looking to meet women for some fun without having to resort to Craigslist. Who'd a thunk it?)

Anyway, Kelley's dancing the first Saturday of every month, starting April 5th. If you're in Seattle and you are of the female persuasion (ladies only!), go cheer her on.

By the way, her go-go dancer name is Lucky and she does accept tips. (No, I'm not making up that part.)

Go, Kelley! Shake that thang!

* Oh, what I could have done with this as a publicist...sigh!


Joya said...

How fun!

And now I've realized how bland my resume looks compared to everything in the subject-line of this entry, lol.

Anonymous said...

My, the things I learn about the area I live in, even years after moving out here! I just shared this with my partner, who looked shocked that I'd even remotely consider going to such an event, and who piped "I'd go!" when I asked her what she thought.

Thanks for the heads up. ^_^

Cat Hellisen said...

aha that's the coolest thing I've read this morning.

Damn! Wish I lived closer to the northern hemisphere. :D

ssas said...

Sheesh, I wish I had the body for that. And the dancing ability. I'm a crappy dancer.

Ada [The Duchess] said...

That is brilliant.

So awesome. She is a multitude of awesomeness.

Makenna Johnston said...

I am very impressed with this. I don't even have the courage to do such things...