Sunday, July 27, 2008

Palm Centro vs. Blackberry Curve:
Which one is better?

Yeah, it's time for me to break down and get a smart phone. I rely on email so much during the day that checking email on my wee tiny LG phone screen isn't cutting it any longer. And, realistically, I can't haul my laptop around 24/7.

So I'm putting it out to y'all: Palm Centro or Blackberry Curve?

Primarily I'm looking for the following: good phone, good email, good battery life. Don't care about music, web browser, or camera. As for cost, well, with my current phone plan, they're both going to be about $50 and I'm already on an unlimited plan for data and voice so the plan price won't go up, either. Nope, it's all about functionality for me. So, advice/suggestions welcome, please!

(And before any of y'all start shouting "iPhone, iPhone!" at me, be aware that I have Verizon and I really love Verizon so until Apple opens up the iPhone to other carriers, I won't be getting one anytime soon.)


Joe Iriarte said...

Why not a phone that's a Pocket PC? I really like mine.

Katey said...

I have a Palm Centro and my husband has a Blackberry Curve. I prefer mine and he prefers his, but we're used to it. I will say that I have no complaints about the battery life (I browse/talk for a few hours straight without wearing it out), the screen (very readable), or the email options. If you can set up outlook or thunderbird, you won't have issues with the Centro, and gmail is even easier.

But my husband says the same thing about his Blackberry. In the end, it kinda just came down to the fact that we picked the one with the design we liked. Shallow, but true. I'm not sure either is a bad choice, honestly.

Joya said...

I had to make this decision about a month ago. I ended up choosing the Blackberry Curve because I thought it was more customizable. You can even control what the buttons running along the side of the phone do.

Plus, my phone is used mostly for e-mail, and the dude at the Verizon store here told me the Blackberry is a phone made for e-mail. The QWERTY keyboard is great (the buttons on my Curve were bigger than the buttons/keys on other phones in the store, though I think the Blackberry World Edition was the only phone that had slightly bigger buttons/keys than the Curve). E-mails are also sent/received quickly, which I know personally, but also because I researched the Curve before I bought it, and some phone review site said the Curve was the fastest phone, thus far, where e-mail is concerned.

Also, I know you use Gmail, and Blackberry comes with a Gmail application. It's like a Gmail program you can install on your phone (it's free), and so you don't have to access Gmail by going through the web. I've found this to be extremely handy because the e-mail is stored on the web (on your Gmail account) and not on your phone, so it saves space on your phone and causes the device to run faster.

I'm not sure about Palm Centro expenses, but one thing to note about the Curve is there is a mandatory monthly fee of $30 for Internet (plus whatever your monthly cell phone bill is). It's mandatory, but I imagine you'd need to pay some other sort of fee on any other phone to get Internet, and thus e-mail.

Anyway, I completely love my Blackberry Curve. It hasn't given me a single problem yet, and I don't imagine it will any time soon. I plan to keep it for a long time. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Palm's Palm Pilot stuff, but never used there cellphone, so I have no clue. I have used a Blackberry Curve, and they are worth every penny.

BTW- I have Verizon as well. Did I give you my cell number? Since the minutes and the long distance is free for cell to cell calls, could save us $$$$ rather than just using a landline.

Lou said...

After about 5 Treo’s I got a Centro. Up until this time, all Treo phones ran Palm, not MS Mobile. I found that MS Mobile required too many clicks to get to where I wanted to go. I must admit I wear reading glasses, so I had to put my glasses on to see ques. I return the Centro for Blackberry Curve; I love it. I was concerned about quality of the phone part, but it’s very clear. It does everything and more than the Centro, has icons, is smaller (I can put it in my pants pocket rather than holster. So, I recommend the Curve.

Janiré said...

Hi there.

I am late to this but I just got a BB Curve to replace my unlocked Palm Centro. I have been using Palm for about 10 years, so I had very high hopes for the Centro.

First the good: great for calendar, contacts, tasks, the usual Palm Stuff. Awesome touchscreen, great for texting and web surfing.

The bad, or in my case, the deal braker: for reasons Palm's tech support cannot explain, when I sync my work email, via Exchange Active Sync, I can no longer sync my calendar or contacts with the Palm Desktop.

My IT department tried a variety of other ways to set up the Centro to get my work email without interfering with the Palm Desktop, but could not. Not even the mighty technicians at Palm could solve my problem, although they did tell me it was a "known issue."

Say what? Anywho, I just came back from the Sprint store with my new BB Curve, in all its red glory.

All I need now is a way to get my calendar and contacts info from the Centro to the Curve.

I hope my tail of woe helps you decide.


JH --

Anonymous said...

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