Monday, July 28, 2008

Two new book industry blogs covering SF/F

In addition to which launched about two weeks ago and looks pretty good so far (although the convoluted layout makes the conversations in the community area difficult to follow easily), there are two more new genre blogs coming out of the book industry that look to be good reading.

The first is the (unfortunately named), a joint effort from the myriad SF/F, graphic novel and gaming publishing groups that fall under the Random House, Inc. umbrella; this blog launched last week at Comic-Con. Like, there are wide variety of RH editors and marketing staff posting here regularly, resulting in a blog has a lot of great personality and different viewpoints. (Although some of the content seems weirdly random and arbitrary: Top Series! Top Authors! As decided by whom, exactly? Bookscan? The marketing department? The readers? An act of Congress? Our feline overlords???) So far the focus on this blog has been less on SF/F books and more on SF/F pop culture but it's super fun reading nonetheless. (The Comic-Con reporting in particular has been a blast to read.) I'm secretly hoping that Suvudu will start gravitating a little more toward actually talking about books, graphic novels and authors (cos, ya know, book publishers!) but you should definitely bookmark Suvudu for daily reading.

The next new blog you should be reading is Genreville, a thrice-weekly Publishers Weekly blog written by Rose Fox, editor of PW's SF/F review section. On Genreville, Rose will also be writing on the business of genre book publishing. First up is a good interview with acclaimed anthology editor (and my pal!) Ellen Datlow.

Okay, that's all you get. I've more than made up for my blogging hiatus.

Edit to Add: It appears that PW is a little behind the times in providing individual RSS feeds for all of their blogs, so there isn't one for Genreville yet. Too bad!


Sushi said...

Off topic, but Stinkyboy looks so handsome in his new publicity photo. Just like a furry, unfortunately surprised little gargoyle. ;)

Off to read Genreville! Yay, Ellen!

(I swear, every single word verification thing I've gotten over, like, the last two days has been some weird variant on the word "jelly.")

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find an RSS feed just for genreville? Grr.

Liana Brooks said...

Because what I really need in life is 3 more blogs to review for the industry every morning!

Oh well.

Thank you for the heads up. :o)

Debra L Martin said...


Love the new pic of Stinkyboy, but where's his cat? I miss the other photo already.

Thanks for the links to the other new blogs.

Amie Stuart said...

They might not have RSS for that particular blog but FWIW PW does have RSS feeds -- I've got Barb Vey's feed on my google reader.

Kristin Laughtin said...

I'm sure my feed reader will hate me, but I'm glad to have more genre blogs to read! Hopefully Genreville will add an RSS feed as well. Thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,

Stinkyboy is an utterly adorable feline overlord - love the new picture :)

Aaaand I need to edit my list of linky-links adding those and others. Way overdue.

Thanks for the update :)