Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New ways to stay in touch with the Swivet!

You may already have guessed that I am a serious nerd, especially when it comes to social networking and finding ways to connect with new readers. I've added a few things over on the side bar that will give you some options if you want to follow the Swivet but don't feel like using an RSS reader (why? why? why would you not learn to use an RSS reader???).

So, in no particular order:
  • Twitter: I generally post a link to each blog post on Twitter (in addition to having serious debates with authors about the merits of bats vs. werewolves). You can find my Twitter feed here.
  • MyBlogLog: A wonderful tool that allows me to see what people are actually clicking through to on the blog, and what they read most often. You can join the Swivet community on MyBlogLog here.
  • The Blogger "Follow Me" service, or what I like to call "The Box of Tiny Heads": This is a good tool as it feeds all the Blogger-hosted blogs that you follow onto the Blogger dashboard when you log in. To add your tiny head, click the link to the right that says "Follow this Blog".
  • Subscribe by email via FeedBlitz: Yeah, if you're truly that lazy, you can now just have Swivet blog posts emailed to you. Head over to the sidebar on the right to sign up.


JES said...

Ha ha, funny typo:

in addiction to having serious debates with authors

Now THERE is an agent who takes communication seriously! :)

Sabina E. said...

yep, I already follow you on Twitter. you have a good blog

Ed Wyrd said...

I don't even know WHAT an RSS feed is. I can't just put your blog in my favorites?